Aurora Foods – Bringing New Life to Old Brands


Aurora’s rigorous approach to breathing new life into its brands shows positive results, with each acquired brand that had been on a declining path before acquisition showing significant increases in sales within a year of purchase.

The same approach extends into its food service operation. With decades of multi-segment experience, Riegler provides unique insight into balancing synergies and individualism within his network.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods offer busy individuals a way to maintain a nutritious meal on the table without waste, without breaking their budgets or wastefully throwing food out. From berries and whole grains to lean proteins, frozen fruits, and veggies can easily be added to smoothies, oatmeal, or toast with almond butter as toppings or used as quick vegetables/protein additions in stir fries/casseroles/soups with ease.

Frozen foods offer many advantages over fresh ingredients for keeping foods healthy and fresh for an extended period. According to studies, cooking with frozen ingredients results in significantly less food waste.

Though many perceive frozen foods as less nutritious than fresh, it’s important to remember that the freezer aisle is packed with healthy options. Many frozen fruits and vegetables are frozen immediately after they have been harvested to retain all their vital vitamins. Furthermore, when properly designed and stored at 0degF temperatures, they can taste as satisfying as on-premise prepared foods.

However, it’s essential to read labels carefully as certain frozen meals may contain more sodium than fresh produce. Furthermore, defrosting and refreezing may reduce quality, so always follow the cooking instructions on the package for optimal results.

Dry Grocery

Dry groceries, also known as dry provisions, are ingredients with short shelf lives that do not require special storage conditions for optimal consumption. Foodservice businesses frequently stock these ingredients in large quantities to fulfill daily orders. Sugar, flour, grains, flavorings, coffee (unroasted), and similar products fall within this category of foodstuffs. In addition, non-food items like paper goods, cleaning supplies, and matching can also be included as “sundries.” GoFresh stands out as an attractive solution for food service businesses looking for products from broadline distributors by providing them at a more reasonable cost, without large minimum orders typically required by these distributors. Customers benefit from saving time and money while simultaneously conserving storage space.

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Meats & Cheese

An artfully curated meat and cheese platter can transform an otherwise dull appetizer into an irresistibly delectable experience packed with global flavors and artisanal craftsmanship. Choose between prosciutto-wrapped Swiss, soppressata with fig jam, or soft and hard cheeses combined with seasonal fruits for maximum appeal – it’s sure to please any crowd!

When creating your charcuterie board, ensure all guests can easily reach the food. A rustic wooden cheese plate, wooden lazy Susan, or marble board may make an ideal presentation of food items like olives, hummus, and other dips, nuts, and berries. Extra napkins and utensils may also come in handy!

Processed meats contain high levels of saturated fats that can increase cholesterol levels and contribute to heart disease. To lower your risk, limit yourself to only eating processed meat once daily and opt for leaner cuts of beef and pork meats.

By choosing pre-sliced or unsliced deli meats, creating your tray will go much faster. Add cheese wedges or cubes for easier eating, followed by other ingredients that complement its flavors and textures – such as pickled items or spreads.


Aurora Foods in Melbourne provides an impressive variety of ice cream treats as a stress reliever and mood enhancer, perfect for residents and visitors alike. Customers can indulge in a single scoop or decadent sundae at Aurora’s cozy store or take it with them on their walk through Melbourne – Aurora also provides delivery services to residential and commercial customers!

Aurora initiated a new strategy in 1999 to revitalize their branded products by cutting operating costs and investing savings into product development and advertising. For instance, Aurora modified Duncan Hines brownie mixes for better chocolate flavor while developing sugar-free Log Cabin syrup; their packaging for Aunt Jemima pancakes and french toast sticks, as well as Log Cabin syrup, was also updated to increase recognition in freezer cases.

Aurora also employed sensors, artificial intelligence, and shelf-life data to help consumers reduce food waste. For instance, the Uvera app can keep track of what items are in your fridge and send tailored recipe suggestions based on what items remain. Furthermore, it provides an augmented reality visualization showing exactly how long an item will remain edible–ideal when consuming an expired tin of turkey slices or bag of onions!

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