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On a hot, sticky day, all you want is something cold and refreshing to sip on. But it doesn’t have to be coffee shop coffee or anything too sugary – here’s our solution: our refreshing beverage menu for hot days. Discover the best info about BearyBoba tea cafe.

Boba Cutia offers everything needed for an enjoyable and refreshing bubble tea experience – everything from delicious treats and beverages to relaxing seating areas and a cozy atmosphere.


No matter the time or day, bubble tea makes a delightful snack or sweet beverage experience. Available with various flavors and topping options like milk boba (flying fish-shaped noodles), milk ice cream pudding fruit toppings, as well as vegan-friendly versions! Some restaurants even provide this treat!

Boba has become increasingly popular over the last several years. You can find it anywhere, from large chain stores to mom-and-pop shops, with menus ranging from traditional Chinese tea to icy fruit smoothies and even bubble milk teas with tapioca pearls!

Many tea houses provide menus tailored to specific dietary restrictions or allergies. For instance, Taiwanese chain Xing Fu Tang’s brown sugar-boba drinks are popular with its customers, and there is also a vegan menu option using lactose-free milk and nondairy creamers.

Raccoon Cave, a recent addition to New York City’s bubble tea scene, serves creamy and delicious drinks in an environment themed after these furry animals. Choose your beverage according to boba type (boba pearls), herbal jelly type, or pudding. Or add a scoop of ice cream for extra goodness!

This charming little shop will delight anyone with friendly, efficient service that will get your drink to you quickly. Additionally, seating can be found inside so you can sit back and take in your experience!

At this establishment, their tea is excellent and their boba is fresh and chewy – both at reasonable prices and within an enjoyable atmosphere. Additionally, there’s an online menu that enables customers to order drinks online before picking them up at their location of choice.

Boba Cutea in Gilbert offers the finest boba in town. Their menu is comprehensive, service is efficient, and they even stay open late if you find yourself craving a boba-based drink late at night!


New York City has seen the boba bubble tea craze expand rapidly, with franchises and international chains opening shops all across the city. While most offer traditional tea, others specialize in fruit slushies and milk-based beverages with tapioca balls such as strawberry milk bubbles, mango green tea, or taro ube bubbles. You can even order these drinks online!

Boba Cutea is one of the premier locations for ordering online boba tea and milkshakes, located in Gilbert. Their beverages are prepared using only high-grade ingredients at a competitive price – you can even have them delivered right to you for free!

Find Boba Cutea’s menu online using Postmates, where you can choose your beverage and delivery time. Enter your address to determine if this restaurant delivers. Alternatively, use their mobile app or website to place your order.

Boba Cutea offers delightful bubble tea services in Chandler. Their bright and clean establishment is family-owned, serving a selection of milk teas, fruit teas, and bubble drinks that come out hot from their kitchen – and you can trust their customer service will deliver your drink fresh to your door!

Boba Cutea offers healthy options for those who wish to minimize sugar intake. Their smoothies and slushies contain minimal calories, while their chewy agar-agar bubbles make the experience more pleasurable. Indulge in fruit-infused boba drinks at this store – ideal for warm weather days!

Teazzi, located in New York City’s Chinatown and serving classic Taiwanese teas, is another trendy boba spot. Their owner hails from Chinatown, making their tea more accessible to American consumers through walking tours and social media content creation. Furthermore, Teazzi sells an assortment of snacks such as peanut puffs, sesame balls, and mochi in addition to their tea offerings.


Boba tea mania has taken over the US with global chains and mom-and-pop shops popping up everywhere. These drinks can be enjoyed through a straw, with chewy tapioca balls bobbing at the bottom made of tapioca starch steeped in sweet syrup; typically served with various toppings, there is something to suit everyone from traditional brown sugar milk teas to fruit and floral flavors!

Smoothies are drinks made by adding ice cream or pudding to the mixture for an extra creamy texture, such as smoothies. Boba Cutea offers the perfect place to unwind with friends or family over an enjoyable beverage, with artificial cherry trees and foam cloud lights providing charming decor. Furthermore, the shop also sells various boba-related gifts and snacks.

If you’re planning a visit to Boba Cutea, its menu can be found online. This allows you to determine if you fall within their delivery radius and place an order. Plus, there’s information about its hours as well as an interactive map, which makes locating it easier!

Boba Guys provides more than just boba. Their menu boasts popular options like mango matcha lattes and colorful pastel paradise clouds; in addition, seasonal beverages are offered throughout the year.

Kung Fu Tea was established in 2010 by three entrepreneurs who were fed up with the mediocre boba beverages available in NYC. To bring authentic Taiwanese boba drinks into America, we have now expanded into over 350 locations nationwide with specialty iced teas, smoothies, and froyo products as well.

If you’re searching for something truly memorable to drink, give Thai Iced Tea Frapputeano or Coconut Strawberry Frapputeano a try. Their specialties also include their famous Flaming Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea, which can even be ordered and picked up! They provide tea jelly, herbal jelly, oat groats, and aloe vera gel pudding toppings to add an extra twist.


Boba tea’s widespread popularity has inspired hundreds of mom-and-pop shops and international chains to open across the country, many offering Insta-worthy drinks with delicious flavor combinations that also satisfy allergy sufferers. Others specialize in creating allergy-friendly menus with fully nut-free menus, dairy-free milk options, gluten-free pearls, and safe toppings – no matter your dietary restrictions! If fruity smoothies or milk tea with a twist are your style, here are a few of the top cute boba bubble tea houses nationwide.

At Chandler Fashion Center Mall, this bright and cozy boba spot serves milk tea, fruit tea, boba shakes, and galaxy boba drinks. With cute decor that includes an artificial sakura tree, foam cloud lights, and the shop’s boba cat mascot, customers love this spot’s selection and atmosphere of beverage and atmosphere.

This family-owned boba shop is an absolute must for those who appreciate traditional tea with an unexpected flair. The proprietor, also a pianist at Mannes School of Music, has created an unforgettable blend of fruity and creamy teas infused with sweetness and flavor – her most popular drinks include Hand-Hit Lemon Red Dragon Fruit Tea and Black Grape Yakult.

Pa Tea, with its iconic cartoon bear logo, is another highly-rated bubble tea chain from Taiwan that opened its first NYC location in Chinatown in 2021. Their most popular drinks are Pacific Lemonade (butterfly pea flower tea mixed with lemonade) and Lychee Yakult, made up of lychee jellies.

The Chinatown location of this international chain is owned and managed by second-generation Chinese-American siblings who are also avid shoe and boba enthusiasts. Combining their two passions led them to open the first boba and sneaker store in town; customers love its delicious drinks as well as its extensive collection of shoes displayed for display here in a small but cozy space. Customers rave about the boba drinks served here and the extensive sneaker display collection on display; one must-try is the Brown Sugar Milk Series, featuring caramelized brown sugar syrup that forms a tiger stripe pattern on top of their beverage – definitely try something different from what’s offered here in this small space!

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