Explore the Islands on a Boat Charter in Malta

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Rent a boat in Malta to explore its breathtaking landscapes and historic sites, such as sailing to the iconic Blue Lagoon or taking a day trip around its islands with an experienced captain. The actual Interesting Info about sailing charters in Malta.

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Bareboat charters

Bareboat charters offer sailors who love sailing a unique sailing experience: freedom. These trips enable you to freely explore turquoise seas and be the first to uncover tiny unexplored bays – perfect for all ages and skill levels, though beginners should hire a skipper as an assistant on board. Prices typically start from around $600 per day in Malta for private boat hire depending on season, boat type, end cleaning services provided as part of booking as well as transfer services, end cleanings, security deposit insurance coverage, or additional services provided with booking.

Maltese islands provide the ideal combination of sun, sea, and culture. Valletta boasts impressive historical sites and museums, while Gozo boasts natural caves as well as ancient temples dating back centuries. Comino offers its famous Blue Lagoon for a peaceful anchorage for your yacht – not to mention spectacular beaches as well as water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea kayaking! As for foodies out there, don’t miss out on tasting Pastizzi (pea or ricotta-filled pastries) or Bragjoli (beef olives).

Malta offers some of the finest sailing waters to explore during the transitional months of May and October when temperatures remain warm without reaching extremes, as seen during July and August. These shoulder months provide ample opportunity to fully appreciate Malta’s picturesque waters without dealing with large crowds of tourists.

Skippered charters

Skim across emerald waters, dock at picturesque marinas, and explore historic cities on a skippered yacht charter in Malta. Boasting intoxicating natural beauty perfectly complemented by an intriguing history tapestry, Malta is the ideal yachting destination for both novice and seasoned seafarers alike – day trips or weeklong escapes alike will find all that Malta has to offer in one convenient package!

Launch on a day cruise to explore Malta’s spectacular coastline and historic sites, from idyllic beaches like Golden Bay and Mellieha Bay to Mdina, where time appears to stand still amidst its ancient streets and palaces. Or travel further south on Gozo and discover magical locations such as Mgarr ix-Xini or Dwejra (home of the iconic Azure Window).

Skippered yachts come equipped with full crews of experts ready to take care of every technical sailing aspect of your charter while tailoring it specifically to the desires and comfort needs of you and your party. Skippers typically charge a daily rate, which is usually included in the charter price.

No matter your vessel of choice, Nautal offers the ideal yacht for you and your group’s needs in its extensive catalog. From 3-cabin yachts starting at EUR1,600/week including end cleaning to luxurious multihull catamaran yachts accommodating 12 people starting at EUR3,900 / week including end cleaning, enter your requirements into our search box above to receive an instant, live quote or contact us to discuss further. Our knowledgeable staff are always at hand with advice and assistance to meet any challenge head-on!

Day charters

Malta is an idyllic island paradise with crystal-clear waters, unspoiled beaches, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Exploring Gozo Island’s caves and rocks or sailing into Valletta Harbor on your yacht charter will provide unforgettable memories.

Malta yacht charter options span catamaran yachts and monohull sailboats, catamaran sailing catamarans, monohull sailing cats, and even luxury sailing catamarans, so whatever fits your preferences or budget can be found. Some boats even include entertainment systems and amenities, though prices for such services will depend on which boat type and size are selected.

Though many prefer hiring a skipper for their boat trips, others opt for a bareboat charter instead. This allows them to enjoy the pristine waters of Maltese islands without worrying about the safety of the vessel or whether there will be enough food and drink aboard for everyone onboard. This option is trendy among families and individuals seeking an enjoyable vacation experience.

The Maltese archipelago boasts some of the most transparent waters in the Mediterranean. Here, you can snorkel, dive, and swim among warm, clear water while discovering evidence of over seven millennia of history left on its islands.

Malta, situated between Europe and Africa in the Mediterranean Sea, offers visitors an extraordinary cultural experience. Its secluded bays, golden limestone buildings, and emerald waters make for an idyllic backdrop for private yacht charter vacations. Whether your itinerary takes you daily to the Blue Lagoon, night sailing to Comino, or around all three inhabited islands, you are sure to have an enjoyable journey while discovering this captivating nation!

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