Full Height Toilet Partitions

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Full-height toilet partitions provide extreme privacy, with multiple design features that enable patrons to feel secure. Overlapping edges and shoeless pilaster designs help eliminate a common location for dirt accumulation, while personalized doors and modular side panels add an elegant finish. What do you need to consider about vách ngăn compact.

European toilet cubicles feature routed edges on doors and stiles that interlock to eliminate gaps at their bases. They are also GREENGUARD certified as being free from formaldehyde emissions and chemical emissions.

Overhead Braced

The 1542 series offers an array of stylish finishes and colors to complement any decor while providing enhanced protection from vandalism compared to other partitions.

These toilet partitions are secured at both floors and ceilings for extra stability, making them suitable for areas with heavy traffic or vandalism. Their installation allows complete floor access with an inch penetration into concrete floors, which is required as a minimum penetration depth requirement, and they are compatible with most materials (other than solid plastics).

Contrasting with floor-mounted partitions, these options feature a headrail that connects the front pillars of stalls for increased rigidity and easier cleaning, as well as more cost-effective use of less material with shorter wall panels and doors.

School campuses find these partitions ideal, as they can withstand even boisterous children without compromising privacy. Furthermore, they’re an excellent choice for office buildings and restaurants as customers can easily see whether a stall is vacant. Their pointy top makes gripping it uncomfortable, further deterring vandalism; additionally, they come standard with chrome door hardware and stainless steel shoes – an all-in-one system!


Floor-to-ceiling toilet partitions, commonly referred to as “Euro” or “European style,” mount from the floor to the ceiling for maximum stability and privacy while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They are ideal for schools, hospitals, and other public facilities that experience heavy foot traffic or vandalism. Their mounting type requires more muscular ceiling structures and concrete floors with 3/8 to 5/8 inch floor bolts installed to secure each stall and plinths mounted at either end for aesthetics as well as an additional sense of security.

Not only can this type of toilet help to meet ADA compliance and offer handicapped access in restrooms, but it may also be more expensive due to the need for more materials for construction.

No matter the restroom partition you choose, One Point Partitions will ensure you receive exceptional service and high-quality products. Our professional staff can guide you through the process of creating an exceptional restroom experience for guests, customers, and clients. Please reach out today for a complimentary consultation – we look forward to hearing from you! We provide five common material types fabricated by top manufacturers across the US: powder-coated steel, plastic laminate, solid plastic, phenolic core, and stainless steel, each offering different benefits such as color choices, pricing points, and durability levels; powder-coated steel offers various benefits while powder coated steel stands out among its peers as far as durability levels are concerned.

Solid Plastic

Solid plastic restroom partitions offer a durable, long-term material ideal for high-traffic areas. Not only is the material resistant to moisture and humidity conditions, but it is also easy to maintain with just an occasional power wash; as stains and fingerprints do not show as clearly, they require less frequent maintenance than stainless steel partitions.

These toilet stalls come in an assortment of colors and designs to meet school decor requirements, and uniform bathroom looks while being highly resistant to vandalism and graffiti. Schools will find these partitions ideal for matching their decor while creating uniform bathrooms throughout their campuses. Furthermore, these partitions protect from vandalism or graffiti damage as they provide partitioning between bathroom spaces.

These stalls provide many advantages, including customization to meet ADA regulations and make them accessible to students with disabilities. Furthermore, upgrades can further increase functionality.

Manufacturers typically offer no-sightline solutions that eliminate gaps around doors and effectively block people from seeing what happens inside toilet stalls, providing privacy from outside observers. These solutions can be installed in both new and preexisting installations and are available in various height options to meet the needs of any facility. Additional upgrades such as shoeless pilasters that reduce dirt buildup, continuous stops that eliminate gaps on hinge sides, and cam-action hinge designs that help keep doors open longer are all upgrades worth exploring as potential solutions.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel entire-height toilet partitions bring elegance and luxury to any restroom design scheme, and they are available with both standard and customized finish options that match the aesthetics of any given restroom space perfectly.

These durable and eco-friendly toilet partitions meet Class A fire ratings and have been awarded LEED credits for their superior recyclability. Furthermore, this material boasts antimicrobial and rustproof properties, making it suitable for high-traffic restrooms prone to wear and tear.

Brushed and embossed 304 stainless steel provides a clean appearance and hygienic environment. It features full corner welds to strengthen it and prevent parts from loosening over time. Furthermore, unlike some materials such as paint or laminate flooring, stainless steel requires no refinishing, and maintenance can easily be accomplished using soapy water or a rag. Furthermore, its resistance to humidity makes it an excellent choice for shower or pool bathrooms.

Bobrick’s European-style partitions eliminate 12″ floor gaps and come equipped with an array of panel designs and door styles that allow them to blend perfectly into your space. Their stainless steel doors and stiles interlock, creating an appealing appearance and easy cleaning. Their routed edges along doors and panels reduce sightlines for greater privacy for patrons while mounting onto pilasters using chrome-plated die-cast brackets with in-use indicator light sensors, which is another convenient feature.

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