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Renting a boat for a day or two is a cost-cutting way to enjoy being out on the water without the financial and legal commitment associated with ownership. GetMyBoat connects boat owners with water lovers looking for hourly rentals of their boats. Select the best sailing yachts charters Malta.

Many of the larger P2P rental apps require renters to have a captain onboard when renting. Some also mandate attending a boating safety course.

Getting Started

Renting a boat is an excellent way to enjoy the water without investing the financial and staffing resources required for ownership. People have long relied upon peer-to-peer services like Airbnb for renting underutilized assets, like cars or rooms; now, the same concept has expanded into boat renting.

Starting a rental service requires setting competitive pricing. Please do some research into other rental rates in your area to help determine what rates to charge; additionally, provide your guests with an excellent experience that makes them want to leave five-star reviews of their own!

Be sure to communicate effectively with your guests throughout the booking process, from explaining how to use equipment to answer any inquiries they might have. In addition, provide accurate weather forecasts – this will prevent cancellations or delays and ensure smooth sailing for everyone!

Boat owners may need to hire a captain for insurance reasons, particularly on larger vessels. If this applies to you, be sure to ask what the requirements of the captain are before booking a reservation, any extra fees that might apply, and what happens if the boat breaks down during your journey (most P2P companies work closely with both owners and renter to resolve these issues).


Renting a boat can be an economical and enjoyable way to experience the water without incurring the costs associated with owning and maintaining one. Boaters also gain access to places they might otherwise miss due to limited capacities or towing restrictions of their vessels, saving time and money by not purchasing and transporting gear such as fishing rods, tackle boxes, or other accessories for their ships.

Your boat rental price is entirely your decision; however, many peer-to-peer companies provide guidelines to ensure safety and fairness. They typically require renters to fill out a questionnaire/affidavit form, meet age requirements, possess valid driver’s licenses, as well as possess sufficient skills needed for safe boat operation. Many owners also require renters to provide security deposits as insurance against damages or theft of the vessel during use.

As part of registering your boat on a P2P site, you’ll be asked to provide detailed descriptions about it, including make and model, as well as where it is situated. In addition, rules and requirements may include whether renters must refuel before returning it or be accompanied by an experienced professional captain; you may even set a security allowance against minor damages to your vessel.


Peer-to-peer rentals (P2P rentals) have become increasingly popular, with strangers renting their boats, cars, homes, and even poodles to others. However, this can seem like an ideal arrangement for owners and renters alike; sharing assets inevitably poses risks that could cause damage. Therefore, boat rental insurance policies must also be in place, just like homeowners have home and auto policies to safeguard the properties under their care.

Most P2P boat rental sites provide their short-term insurance policies that cover damage to watercraft while being rented out, providing insurance without incurring extra premiums or policy additions. Individuals with their boats should take note that such policies cover liability risks or damages caused to them when used for P2P rentals.

As soon as your boat is damaged on the water, having commercial towing coverage may save money in towing costs and help ensure you can access repairs faster. Investing in this form of coverage could save time and money!

Insurance for boat rental businesses can help protect them against claims. Furthermore, having this coverage builds trust among your customers and gives them peace of mind when booking boats from your company.

Cancellation Policy

Before renting, it is a brilliant idea to research the cancellation policy of any boat rental site. This will give you an idea of what to expect should weather or other unforeseen factors force cancellation, such as refunds; some companies allow reschedules and may even offer refunds, while others may keep 40% of your rental fee if canceling less than two weeks prior – you could then use this towards another reservation during that same season.

Insurance is also essential when renting out expensive vessels, particularly those that may incur significant repair costs during their rental. Insurance covers any damages to either repair costs, lost items, or property of others that occur during your boat rental, as well as medical costs should someone be injured during an incident onboard the vessel; legal fees if confiscation occurs due to illegal activities onboard is another benefit provided by this policy.

Once booked, you will receive an email from the owner outlining their cancellation policy. If there are any lingering doubts or confusion surrounding their terms, don’t be afraid to reach out and clarify them before committing. Getmyboat stands behind each owner’s cancellation policy and will only issue refunds within the boundaries of that policy.

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