How to Buy a TGV Trike

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An electric trike bike offers numerous uses: from light and fun cruises around parks or beaches to climbing up hills with friends to simply getting to work more efficiently. Guide to Buy mini trikes near me.

Your e-trike can be taken on TGV and Intercity trains if folded or is no more significant than 130cm x 90cm. To use these services, however, you will first need to book and pay for space for your bike.

Stability and Comfort

Trikes provide more stability than two-wheel bikes, making them more accessible for people with disabilities to ride even on uneven terrain and reaping their health benefits. Furthermore, this more durable design relieves pressure from hips and legs compared to conventional bicycles.

Many manufacturers produce trikes with large cargo baskets to carry all your gear on long rides and wide seats to accommodate different body types. Furthermore, some designs allow multiple people to sit side-by-side – perfect for family trips or bike rallies!

As long as the bike is folded or disassembled and placed in a case no larger than 130cm x 90cm, TGV and Intercity trains accept bikes, provided they meet certain conditions. You must book and pay an administration fee to transport it on these trains; alternatively, Ouigo train services offer similar transportation for cyclists.

Zero Emissions

Many individuals are interested in helping the environment search for sustainable alternatives like fossil fuels. An e-trike can make an enormous impactful statement about caring about our planet: its motor does not require gasoline or diesel. It emits no carbon dioxide emissions – great news for Earth!

Trikes Grande Vitesse offers two models – Celtik and Zeus – designed specifically for luxury touring on long distances. Both combine car engines with passenger space, luggage capacity, and loads of luggage in vehicles optimized for luxury touring on longer journeys. The Zeus can carry two passengers sidecar while Celtik accommodates up to three riders behind its driver.

Vehicles such as bicycles can usually be brought onto TGV services without an extra fee, provided they fit within an enclosure 130cm x 90cm in size or have been folded or packed inside an identical case 130cm x 90cm. Some Ouigo train services, however, require reservations and fees for bikes that do not comply with this criterion; additionally, there may be fraudulent online stores selling items at highly discounted rates with product images that resemble actual products.


Our Platinum Edition trike is an impressive hand-built trike that will draw lots of looks. Designed as a fun ride for sharing amongst friends, its unique design enables wheelies and other eye-catching stunts – sure to amaze and impress fellow riders!

Price-wise, this trike model stands out as it uses a powerful car engine and offers ample room for passengers and luggage – but remains competitively priced compared with similar trikes on the market. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our TGV mini trikes, visit our store first – although other online stores may offer them at reduced costs. To protect yourself against scammers charging your credit card without consent or using fraudulent techniques to fraudulently obtain money through scams, beware of any such retailers claiming such websites; always use a secure website and report any suspicious websites!

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