Investment and the Duty of Care

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“High Yield Investment Program” is the definition of HYIP. However, it might be more appropriately titled “High Risk 95% Loss 5% Gain Venture Program.” Get the Best information about Cryptocurrency crime investigation.

By definition, HYIPs fall into the third category of the RISK Profile of an Investment and are thus only suitable for investors that fit the profile of HIGH RISK. This is because the projected return is correspondingly higher when significantly higher risks are involved.

There are currently three fundamental risk categories that financial advisers use to determine where to help their clients focus their efforts. They are as follows:

(Blue Chip. Capital is assured, secured, and the principle is restored. Put 70% of your money there.

Medium (Somewhat secured, the principal may depreciate before being refunded to the client with a suitable yield). Only 20-30% here are High Risk (95% are likely to fail to profit from a well-placed investment). NEVER put more than 10% of your financial capital here!

Other Contemporary Theories (Links) Portfolio Analysis, Value Investing, and Investment Risk It is a crime for a fund manager to invest an investor’s money outside their risk zone!

As a result, if no risk assessment is provided, you must be willing to conduct your due diligence and understand your particular RISK temperament!

Genuine HYIPs are typically run by DIY students of FX Trading, Stock Market, Futures, and Options Trading. They provide high-risk warnings on their websites and advise customers not to invest money they cannot afford to lose. They keep a low profile because they know their trade learning will fail 95% of the time. It is where they cut their teeth and learn new talents in speculating trading on market ups and downs. These have a maximum lifespan of roughly a year. Unfortunately, most of these do not attract large sums of money, and most people quickly absorb the losses.

Another legitimate HYIP style is the Venture Capitalist, which seeks to invest initial monies in a business to spread cashflows as the company grows slowly.

Unfortunately, we divert from small practicing or slow startup enterprises from here.

Enter the professional small-time fraudsters, who typically have a good amount of money behind them to createtravagant delusional websites, full of all the appropriate words and clichés but lacking any credibility. In general, fraudsters, swindlers, and Ponzi schemes with no actual, authentic proof behind them are more likely to be located overseas; even if they have certificates on site, further research will soon reveal the wood for the trees.

Note how ” INVESTIGATE ” relates to the word “INVEST.” It is your investment, and you stand to lose the most. In general, if a trusted representative of an investor cannot see the principals of the company face to face and verify authentic documents, the thing should be assumed to be a scam, no matter how good it all appears. Each HYIP claim should also be tracked down and verified.

Don’t bother if you can’t get to the source. Unfortunately, high-yield schemes are littered with scammers and investors who operate outside their risk tolerance. They’ll scream foul if something spills over. These are not the types of investors that venture capital or forex programs require or want to deal with. Remember the 95% loss to 5% win ratio, even if it is true. Never more than you are willing to risk and lose without complaining about venture capital or any other high-risk investment.

Contrary to popular belief, a failed business is not the same as a fraud! Don’t put your money on a horse that isn’t there! Even if it’s legal, you should expect 85-95% agony before reward.

The Laundry Service What I refer to as “The Laundromats” are the most prestigious of all HYIP con artists. Laundromats are crime syndicate organizations that exist to clean unlawful money from minor to major organized criminals. If blood money is traced back to its source, it can result in severe prison sentences and, in some instances, the death penalty. This money has already been spun through alms trafficking, sex slavery, slave trade, blood diamonds, murder, drugs, extortion, and every other possible evil under the sun. A laundromat can profit by losing up to 50% of its funds to filter and make its source less traceable.

If cleaning funds cost 50% of the principle, so be it. Better than a nice prison sentence. So the Laundromat in HYIP land can operate for much longer, with many bells and whistles, recruit personnel, answer the phone, and so on, and still earn a profit before closing down and shifting focus to the next Laundromat, which is already up and coming someplace else in the HYIP ranking. Their source code is frequently an exact clone, in part or whole, of the preceding HYIP Laundromat site, and there are numerous telltale markings in a sequence of Syndicate-controlled HYIPS.

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