Mandy Poker Chip Business Cards


Poker chip business cards make an unforgettable promotional giveaway that leaves an indelible mark on customers. They make an ideal alternative to traditional paper business cards for events, game nights, and more!

Different colored poker chips represent dollar amounts during play. Their hues depend on your venue or event type – such as cash games and tournaments.

Mandy 11.5 gram poker chips

Mandy 11.5-gram poker chips are constructed of solid ABS composite material. Their weight and texture resemble clay chips more closely, while they come in various colors (Pantone chips can even be customized!). Not only are these durable yet easy-to-stack chips great for home games and promotional events – wholesale prices based on order quantities make these an affordable solution, too – you can even buy them as part of a set with custom cases, playing cards, and dice to complete it all! ASM manufactures those used in Rounders while their agreement with Miramax prevents exact replicas from being sold commercially for sale!

Mandy custom poker chips

Poker chips are a timeless promotional item for businesses, bars, and restaurants. Not only are they eye-catching, but they’re heavy, colorful, and double-sided – showing off your logo and pertinent information in ways paper business cards simply can’t. These tokens leave a lasting impression on customers; use them as lucky chips, golf ball markers, or business card holders while creating memorable souvenirs!

Mandy custom poker chips come in six vibrant hues and feature full-color printing on their rolling edge, perfect for casino-quality chips with aligned spots and stripes on the outer face rim. Customizable with logos, graphics, or text, these casino-quality chips ideal for corporate events, poker tournaments, tradeshows, and trade fairs alike.

On the market today are various kinds of poker chips in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. From those featuring names of card suits (spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds) encircling their edges to numbers or letters being engraved – some even feature composite antique effects to make them seem like clay-like surfaces, giving a feeling of Wild Bill Hickok and Deadwood in Deadwood!

Poker chips feature denominations printed directly on their faces, making switching denominations difficult. Some players may prefer traditional-looking colored chips without denominations – you can order these online, and they will arrive safely at your doorstep!

BRAVA Marketing has designed and created poker chips for over ten years, using these branded items as bar tokens, wedding favors, and collectibles. Poker chips provide a fun and creative way to promote your business while creating conversation starters at social events; customers often keep them as keepsakes that remind them when they need your product or service later on! Plus, you can give them away at charity events!

Mandy ceramic poker chips

Mandy ceramic poker chips offer your game a distinctive aesthetic and feel. Crafted from matte white ceramic plastic composite, these two-sided chips sublimate full-color images onto them for stunning full-color graphics – ideal as drink tokens and promotional giveaways; waterproof and durable construction allows custom printing with various colors or designs; Mandy also provides security options such as unique serial numbers and UV markings.

These casino-style poker chips feature full-color printed rolling edges and can be personalized to your specifications with denominations, numbers, and text. Available in six colors for ordering through PayPal and widely popular among poker enthusiasts who value durability, customization, and an elegant aesthetic in their poker games, these casino-style chips are a popular choice among enthusiasts seeking durability, customization, and a high-end feel when playing their favorite game of cards.

Mandy Crypto Poker Chips are like traditional casino chips in that they can be used online and in live gaming environments. Constructed of ceramic material and available in sizes that match those found at traditional casinos, these ceramic chips feature full-color printed rolling edges with full customization options for your favorite cryptocurrency graphics.

Mandy’s promotional poker chips

Mandy’s promotional poker chips are ideal giveaways at special events. Additionally, they make excellent wedding invitations, bar tokens, golf ball markers, challenge coins, discount coupons, business cards, and discount coupons that can be customized with any logo, name, or advertising message – perfect for casinos, expos, opening ceremonies, road shows, and political campaigns.

Mandy crypto poker chips are designed with the same quality and security standards as standard casino chips, making them highly secure. Their full-color printed rolling edges feature full-color prints in six distinct colors to show your support of cryptocurrency – these chips can be found online and in stores; their prices are very reasonable via PayPal; you could even order them as home game pieces!

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