Mini Bike Trike Kit – Transform Your Regular Bicycle Into a Three-Wheeled Monster


Mini bike trike kits provide a fun and functional way to transform any regular bicycle into an eye-catching three-wheeled machine, perfect for long-distance riding, as they are more accessible and can hold more cargo.

These models are also more cost-effective than many of their counterparts on the market, so make sure your welder is hot and beer is cold as fabrication begins!


If you’re a biker looking to elevate your riding experience, a mini bike trike conversion kit might just be what’s needed to take your ride further. These kits transform any mini bike into an impressive three-wheeled beast sure to turn heads at every rideout!

These high-quality jig-welded frames are constructed with thick-wall steel tubing for ease of bending. Each is pre-notched for effortless bending without needing a tube bender and comes complete with an assembly manual containing QR codes linked to private instructional videos – making these frames one of the finest quality available for creating an impressive mini bike trike.

Trikes can be an ideal solution for people with limited mobility who still want to ride, providing extra stability and an effortless riding style that’s suitable for longer distances. Some trikes feature custom bike designs for an eye-catching riding experience – something seniors and people with disabilities have long enjoyed doing! Initially, trikes first gained widespread acceptance as an accessible form of transport.


Motors drive the wheels of mini bike trikes, so they must be powerful enough to transport riders at an appropriate speed without overtaxing or straining themselves. Furthermore, the motor must also be capable of bearing both rider weight as well as any cargo they might attach.

Motors must not only offer power but should also be easy to maintain and repair if necessary. Reputable manufacturers offer warranties to back their claims; specific models even feature easily disassembled designs so parts can be changed out when necessary.

Minibike companies sometimes provide conversion kits that make two-wheeled bikes into three-wheelers for more accessible and more enjoyable ride experiences. These kits can easily be installed, making the upgrade an inexpensive upgrade that can be found both online and in many local retailers.

Lectric is one of the more popular kits on the market. Their kit includes a rear hub motor with variable speed throttle connected to pedal-assist system, 672Wh battery capacity, hydraulic disc brakes and parking brakes, lights, and much more – but with an initial cost of $1500, this electric trike stands out among competitors as offering top functionality and quality at such a reasonable cost.

The company recently unveiled a 2024 model, which expands on its initial success by offering an exclusive luxury touring trike experience for riders looking for something different. Called Crossbow, this unconventionally styled vehicle provides an unrivaled three-wheeled expertise, capable of transporting up to 1,000 pounds and reaching 14 miles per hour when cruised.


Outside of your trike’s frame, tires will have the most significant impact on its ride quality. There are many types of tires on the market, and each offers advantages and disadvantages; faster speeds may differ, and some might offer better traction than others. It is also important to consider the budget when selecting tires for your trike.

Shinko 712 Tire is an excellent option for beginning trike riders looking for high-speed ratings and bias-ply construction, making them suitable for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Available in 130/90-16 size – the most common rear bike tire size on Harleys!

The Lectric XP Trike is another excellent option for beginner riders due to its ease of use and affordable price point. It comes equipped with an exclusive Beginner Mode that helps newcomers get used to riding three wheels safely; this mode has a maximum speed of 12mph, so riders can gradually become acquainted with riding trikes.

Before purchasing a mini bike trike, ensure you understand what training will be needed before buying it. This will prevent injuries or loss of control of the vehicle. Some various online courses and videos provide training on how to ride a trike safely; beginners may benefit from these resources since they offer step-by-step guides on learning to ride.

Trike kits provide an effective way to add another wheel to your bike and enhance handling over rough terrain, which is particularly important for beginners as it helps them overcome “the wobble of death” during turns, which could otherwise cause it to tip over and potentially result in injury. To combat this danger, lean into each turn with your upper body weight to keep weight on the inside wheel during each turn.


This kit can transform most regular bicycles into tricycles. Tricycles provide a more accessible and safer alternative for elderly persons as well as anyone who may have special needs, disabilities, or struggles with riding two-wheel bikes. They feature an attractive rear basket to carry any small or medium items. Installation of this conversion kit is quick and straightforward by simply extracting and installing the back wheel onto the frame; it is compatible with traditional 20″, 24″, and 26″ bicycles.

Lectric’s XP Trike stands out in its price range thanks to all it provides: from its 500W rear hub motor and variable speed throttle tied to pedal assist system to a 672-watt-hour battery with hydraulic disc brakes featuring parking brakes for parking, lights, and ample cargo space – plus its limited “Beginner Mode.”

Though not without its flaws, the XP Trike remains an excellent option for those seeking an electric trike capable of almost anything at a reasonable cost. This is particularly relevant to budget-minded consumers.

The XP Trike stands out as a more portable electric tricycle than most others, weighing just 62.5 lbs without its battery attached and folding down for even easier portability, fitting easily into most vehicles’ trunks.


No matter if you are an experienced cyclist or a newcomer to riding, a mini bike trike kit is an exciting and thrilling way to enhance your riding experience. Crafted for maximum performance and safety, these kits can ensure an easy and safe journey every time – you can even customize it according to your individual preferences by accessorizing your trike with accessories available from various suppliers.

Seat is one of the most essential components of a trike. As this will be where you spend most of your time, comfort should be the top priority. A hard plastic bucket seat provides maximum support, while leather saddles add style. In either case, several types have vertical slits explicitly designed to allow a safety lap belt through.

A padded seat cover is also essential to protecting the finish of your bike from dirt and moisture, especially if you live in areas with extreme climate conditions. A chrome hitch bar provides another layer of defense from damage and corrosion for your trike.

At first, mini bikes became famous as a means for older or injured riders to continue enjoying riding freely, but today, they’re also an attractive and eye-catching option for anyone seeking something that stands out. Mini bikes also make great options for families needing safe transport of young children, and customized trikes will surely be a show-stopper among your peers and neighbors – you might even find conversion kits that allow for an easy switch back to a two-wheeled motorcycle!

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