Paving and Asphalt Companies

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Professional paving companies use cutting-edge equipment and skilled craftsmanship to produce outstanding asphalt surfaces, while the grading work performed during pavement installation allows the material to drain effectively. Have the Best information about Kittanning asphalt.

Asphalt consists of aggregate gravel mixed with asphalt cement, which is mixed at a plant and kept hot before being delivered via dump trucks to its destination site. Depending on weather conditions, it must then be laid and compacted within an allotted window.


Paving and asphalt companies develop innovative pavement solutions to address traffic and infrastructure requirements. Working closely with engineers, architects, and urban planners, they help enhance the functionality and aesthetics of transportation networks, contributing to economic development while encouraging trade and commerce, public safety, and mobility.

Site preparation is the first step of the paving process and entails clearing away debris and trees as well as creating access roads so heavy equipment can get to their job sites. Depending on the size and scope of a job site, excavation or demolition may also be required, while in some instances, drainage systems must also be installed to control erosion.

An experienced paving contractor will assess the condition of the soil prior to beginning construction. If it is too soft, an aggregate base will be laid before installing an asphalt surface for additional strength and durability of their finished product.

When selecting a commercial paving company, be sure to choose one with expertise in your type of project. This will help ensure your pavement can withstand the amount of traffic it will receive while also having an outstanding track record in customer satisfaction.


Before asphalt can be laid on any site, it must first be prepared. This could involve clearing away vegetation or demolishing/removing existing pavement, as well as grading to establish the appropriate slope and grade the appropriate gradient for new asphalt installation. A paving contractor may also need to install either a base or subgrade, depending on project specifications and soil conditions.

A good asphalt company should have no difficulty showing you their licenses, bonds, and insurance documents – all of which offer unique advantages to customers. Licensing assures customers that their contractor is legally permitted to perform construction projects and possesses engineering knowledge necessary for the completion of such works; bonding protects in case something goes wrong during work on your property, while insurance covers you should someone get hurt during the installation of equipment or damages occur.

Ask the paving company you choose for references and examples of past projects, and inquire about their warranty policy. Quality contractors typically prioritize meeting industry standards while meeting individual project needs and will offer tips to extend the lifespan of new driveways or parking lots.


Asphalt paving requires ongoing maintenance for long-term durability. This includes routine inspections of its surface to identify any necessary repairs and complete them promptly to prevent further damage from worsening.

Oil spills and automotive fluids can damage asphalt pavement’s binder, leaving its material soft and vulnerable to further deterioration. Asphalt companies can protect surfaces by sealing them against chemicals and UV rays with sealers; sealing services often cost less than repairs for complete pavement reconstruction projects.

Upgrades to the sub-base may also be an effective maintenance strategy. They may cost a bit more upfront but save money in the long run. When investing in these upgrades, be sure to contact a reputable asphalt company with extensive industry experience capable of handling such work properly.

Hire a paving company that uses eco-friendly cleaning methods, as this will minimize environmental impact while prolonging the lifespan of paved surfaces.

Planning regular maintenance with your asphalt paving contractor is also beneficial. For instance, any cracks and potholes should be addressed promptly to avoid further damage, and drain systems installed to minimize water accumulation and erosion.


Selecting the appropriate paving company is vital to the success of any project. When searching for contractors, find someone with whom you feel at ease working together. Additionally, they should explain technical terms in plain language, as those outside of their industry could misconstrue some.

Asphalt pavement is an economical and long-term option for roads and driveways, providing economical yet long-lasting surfacing options in high-traffic areas. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and weather fluctuations with little maintenance required for optimal performance. However, regular upkeep and drainage maintenance are required to extend its life and ensure it withstands future strain.

Paving materials play a critical role in the cost of asphalt pavement. Furthermore, location can affect this cost, as heavy machinery must be transported over long distances by paving companies.

An essential element when estimating the cost of paving work is taking into account preparation requirements. These could include tree removal, base material installation, and excavation; depending on the size of your job, these costs could quickly add up.

Paving companies should inspect the area before beginning their paving services to identify any potential issues. For instance, if there is any unevenness or gravel present on the surface, they should address that prior to commencing. Furthermore, they must ensure they have an appropriate subbase foundation consisting of compacted soil or sand that provides stability during this process.

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