Pizza Socks


These pizza socks make a fun and unique present for children and adults alike! Packaged in an authentic-looking pizza box, the 4 pairs of socks inside feature Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Italian plus crust designs! Plus!

Gift these playful socks to any foodie for their 18th birthday, Boy’s Day or Christmas – they’ll love them!


Socks come in various materials and types, from cotton, wool, acrylic and synthetics such as polyester to olefins such as polypropylene that offer breathability, softness and durability – even anti-odor properties in some instances! Cotton, wool, acrylic and synthetic fibers such as polyester can all be found here – providing breathability, softness, durability and even anti-odor properties! These fabrics provide many benefits including breathability, softness and durability as well as anti-odor features!

Cotton socks are an extremely comfortable material to wear every day, offering exceptional breathability. Cotton’s moisture-wicking properties also help make it ideal for everyday wear; however, moisture accumulation could lead to foot conditions like athlete’s foot. Therefore, selecting socks composed of a blend of cotton and other materials that can wick away moisture could help avoid problems associated with fungal infections or athlete’s foot.

Acrylic yarn, another popular sock material, offers similar qualities as natural cotton but at a much more cost-effective price point. Acrylic is highly durable and long-wearing; however, its materials may feel uncomfortable on feet during active activities or sweaty conditions; hence it should not be recommended as an option for active people or sweaty environments.

These pizza themed socks make the perfect present for foodies of all kinds, especially pizza enthusiasts! Available in multiple color choices and featuring the phrase “Horny for Pizza”, the unisex crew socks feature this fun phrase in multiple languages on them for ultimate pizza fanatics everywhere. Made of cotton-polyester-spandex blend and rubber for durability and machine washable easy care they can even be tumble dried at low heat heat settings for optimal care!


Pizza socks are a whimsical and playful accessory that are sure to bring smiles. Available in various colors and featuring delicious-looking pizza slices that look good enough to eat, these fun socks make a delightful present for pizza fans of all ages. Crafted with high-quality materials that provide both support and comfort to feet throughout the day; additionally breathable and odor resistant properties make these an excellent everyday wear option!

No matter whether it’s New York style, Chicago deep dish or Detroit pan pizza you prefer, these pizza socks will let everyone know you love the delicious culinary treat! With its vibrant pattern making an impression wherever you go and sparking conversation everywhere you go; these socks make great presents for birthdays, holidays or any special event.

Made of cotton, polyester, and elastane for ultimate softness and comfort. They can even be machine washed for ease of maintenance! Their machine-washability keeps your socks fresher for longer. Their stretch and recovery properties help your feet remain in healthy positions throughout the day; with Soft Touch yarn’s ultra-soft feel making these socks great for those with sensitive skin! Available for men’s and women’s sizes alike with an adorable pizza design sure to please fans of all ages – these cozy socks can even be worn over knee for casual activities!


Your pizza-loving loved ones are sure to appreciate these tasty-looking socks, made from high-quality materials that provide soft yet durable support for their feet throughout the day. Additionally, they make a fantastic present on any special occasion!

These vibrant pizza socks make the ideal addition to any wardrobe, featuring soft yet breathable cotton blend material with an eye-catching pepperoni pizza design. Great for children and adolescents, these colourful pizza socks keep feet warm, comfy, and fashionable all day long; making an excellent pair with sneakers or sandals.

These socks are made of high-quality cotton, nylon and elastane materials for ultimate softness and stretchy fit – ideal for adult feet! Hypoallergenic with anti-odor properties for fresh feet all day long. Available from women’s size 6 through men’s size 15, with various size options from women to men available.

These pizza socks are the ideal way to express your love of this divine food! Crafted from cotton/polyester/spandex blend material, these comfortable and durable socks make the ideal accessory. Machine-washable for easy care. Available in black or green hues – ideal gifts for pizza enthusiasts as well as kids and teens!


Never underestimate the appeal of pizza socks – they’re colorful, fun and deliciously adorable. Not only is this an ideal addition for pizza enthusiasts but these socks also make fantastic presents on birthdays, holidays or any special occasion!

These high-quality food crew socks are made of a soft and stretchy fabric blend designed to accommodate most adult sizes. Perfect for anyone who enjoys pizza and beer, whether at the gym or simply relaxing at home with Netflix & chill’n, they make for great additions.

Cotton makes for an ideal material in socks because it is both soft and durable, providing a comfortable fit. Plus, its breathability helps keep feet cool and dry during warm climates, plus its durability means less shrinking or creasing after washing!

Polyester socks offer a smooth and stretchy feel, making it suitable for active wear as it keeps feet warm while moving. Unfortunately, however, polyester isn’t as breathable as other fabrics and may lead to blisters over extended periods.

Bamboo fabric is an eco-friendly choice that’s both soft and sustainable, making it the ideal option for people with sensitive skin as it does not contain lanolin – a wax that irritates it further – nor any allergenic chemicals like latex that could aggravate reactions in some individuals. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and odor resistant making bamboo an excellent option when considering socks as well.

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