Pizza Week in Portland


The Mercury has joined forces with Portland’s top pizza purveyors to provide our community with $3 slices and $20 whole pies at great value! Sign up for our mailing list or follow us on social media for updates – follow us to stay informed and subscribe.

Before heading out, always read the fine print carefully – some locations might be packed or sell out of your favorite slice quickly, so take your time, and don’t forget to tip well!


The Portland Mercury has joined forces with Portland’s best pizza restaurants to offer discounted pizza for one week only – from April 17-23 you can purchase either a slice for $3 or an entire pie for $20 at participating pizza locations, with plenty of different offerings for everyone from meat lovers to vegans!

Before visiting any location, always check their hours and fine print. Some restaurants might be busy, or their sought-after slices sold out; don’t be discouraged! Simply visit another location or try back later.

Don’t forget to tip. Hosting such an event takes an immense amount of work, and those responsible deserve your appreciation.

Participating pizza joints will do their utmost to deliver great slices and pies while maintaining safe working environments for their employees. Although it will be an unruly, chaotic week with lines at many of the participating pizza joints, just be patient, tip the pie slingers generously (you’ll thank yourself later!) For more details on locations, special toppings, or updates from Mercury newsletters/Instagram/Facebook accounts stay tuned in as live updates come through!


When craving pizza, Portland Mercury presents this week-long event to satisfy that hunger! Monday through Sunday you can get delicious slices for just $3 and even purchase an entire pie at $20! Don’t miss it if you love pie!

This year, 36 different Portland pizza establishments are participating in Pizza Week and all are offering something different – meat eaters to vegans will surely find something they enjoy here! Below is the list of locations and descriptions.

Pizza vendors offer fantastic value on delicious slices and pies, so be sure to tip generously. Their hard work in keeping lines moving and providing fresh pizza deserves recognition from you.

Remember, however, that these restaurants will likely become extremely busy during Pizza Week and may run out of popular slices quickly – don’t be discouraged; visit another Pizza Week location or come back tomorrow!


Otto in Roseway believes pizza should transcend its takeout reputation with creative topping combinations to provide something special to customers. Otto offers family-friendly corner pizza that takes the experience seriously with innovative topping combinations like these that please a crowd!

Their wood-fired oven creates a delicious blackened and chewy dough that holds up beautifully against generous helpings of sauce, cheese, and seasonal toppings. Be sure to try their signature dishes like the fig and goat cheese pie or cherry tomato pancetta bomb; both offer mouthwatering combinations of perfectly ripe tomatoes with creamy homemade stracciatella cheese for the best experience possible!

Scottie’s Pizza in Southeast Portland makes some of the finest pizza in town using naturally leavened dough, fermented for seven days in cold storage, which results in an exceptionally soft, delicious crust that’s both chewy and perfectly cooked. They even offer gluten-free options! Try their Get Wounded pie featuring taleggio cheese, figs, and hot honey!

Red Sauce Pizza has long been a mainstay in Portland’s pizza scene, offering everything from calzone and vegan options to fun pies named after famous faces, pan pies, and their delectable slow-fermented dough. In honor of Pizza Week 2018, they’re taking an innovative approach by cutting their pies into triangles for an economical and hearty lunch option that won’t break the bank – pair it with some beer for an epic Big Dark adventure!


With patience and perseverance, it should be easy to score some inexpensive pizza this week. Just keep in mind that this event can become popular quickly; some locations might run out before you arrive – don’t give up; simply try another location or come back again tomorrow.

National pizza experts have recognized Portland as a hub of dough nerdery, and its pizzeria scene continues to flourish. While some of Portland’s top pies still use regional styles like Detroit Square and New York-area Neapolitan Neapolitan Neapolitan pizzas as inspiration, more restaurants now are adding local ingredients and flavors into their recipes.

Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty uses its wood-fired oven to craft crisp crust pizzas topped with seasonal offerings such as purple Brussels sprouts with nduja and fresh sheep’s cheese; another featured seasonal summer berries and raw beets on a pesto base.

Pizzeria Otto offers wood-fired Neapolitan pizza in Roseway for just $6 during Pizza Week – that includes one slice from each of their 16 signature pies plus vegan mozzarella from Follow Your Heart as an upgrade for just an additional $4!

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