Ram 1500 Sport Hoods


Ram stands out as one of our preferred pickups due to its luxurious interior, outstanding utility features, and comfortable ride. Its front seats are specially shaped to facilitate long trips, while its rear bench seating provides enough legroom even in a three-across configuration.

This hand-laid fiberglass hood comes complete with a functional scoop to keep your engine cool, as well as factory hardware for simple installation.


Fiberglass makes an excellent material for customizing vehicle hoods, as its malleability allows it to conform to various shapes. Furthermore, fiberglass resists corrosion from salt corrosion while remaining lightweight for increased performance and reduced weight. Again, its durability means it won’t dent like metal can and won’t crack under extreme temperatures or weather. Furthermore, damage repairs can often be completed quickly, making fiberglass an excellent option when customizing vehicles. This makes fiberglass a superb choice for people who love customizing their cars!

Many Ram 1500 sport hoods are constructed from fiberglass for an eye-catching, modern aesthetic that makes any truck stand out. Available in different colors to complement your ride and embellished with emblems or other embellishments to give it its own identity, some also come equipped with functional air intakes to increase horsepower and acceleration by funneling cool, dense air directly to your engine.

These high-quality fiberglass hoods are handcrafted to fit your vehicle, using hand-laid construction with gelcoat finishing that helps prevent rust. Easy installation using factory hinges and latch hardware enables quick replacement. Available in various styles and colors with limited lifetime warranties!

The Ram 1500 is an award-winning pickup truck known for its array of features designed to keep drivers connected. Available with various cab and box configurations–such as Quad Cab with 6-foot, 4-inch box or Crew Cab with 5-foot, 7-inch box–this vehicle’s spacious yet comfortable interior can transport family and friends comfortably.

One of the best features is the Uconnect(r) 12.0 system, which makes sending text messages, listening to music, and getting directions easy and user-friendly. It has a large enough display for reading in bright sunlight, while its navigation feature lets you save current locations as well as find new ones through GPS technology.

Functional Ram Air Scoop

An adjustable ram air scoop is an effective way to add style and cooling air directly into your engine, both visually and functionally. By increasing air intake during its intake cycle, this feature increases power production by providing cooler air. Plus, its durable design makes it perfect for use on Dodge trucks!

Wind tunnel tests have demonstrated that most muscle-car scoops do not qualify as “ram air,” although many claim otherwise. Shaker-style and center hood scoops tend to be located in low-pressure zones where cooler air cannot enter their intake system effectively – the exception being when placed atop a cold air intake, which takes advantage of cooler outside air.

Ram air intake systems work by forcing cooler, cleaner air into an engine by increasing its speed and pressure of entry to its bay by increasing the cross-sectional area of an intake plenum. As air enters at high speeds it encounters decreasing stress, which creates a vacuum effect that draws it through into intake valves, creating mild supercharging similar to what can be accomplished using forced induction systems.

Unfortunately, this effect can only be felt at highway speeds and does not make a noticeable difference to most driving conditions. Furthermore, ram air setups do not work with carburetors because their pressure drop mechanism draws fuel directly into their carburetor chambers.

Although not an ideal solution, ram air setups offer better performance than shaker scoops that bypass filters to direct cooler air directly into your carburetor. However, for real horsepower gains, you should opt for CAI (Carbon Air Intake System). Hood scoops on Ram 1500 Sports may not provide optimal airflow through them compared to an accurate ram air setup; nonetheless, they make for great looks! To find your perfect setup I suggest trying one out first and seeing how you like it!

Rust Resistant

Steel is much more rigid and corrosion-resistant than aluminum, making it a superior material to use for vehicle hoods, which often take heavy use from weather elements. The 2021 RAM 1500’s hood is no exception – as one of the major structural components on your vehicle, its strength must support your engine, components underneath it, as well as all weather elements – so to combat that corrosion, it has opted for a steel alloy that resists corrosion as its base material.

The RAM 1500 features a functional hood scoop to draw in more air for improved engine performance and to help protect its components from rusting. Furthermore, the durable and easy installation is guaranteed by its 5-year and 100,000-mile Rust-Through Limited Warranty.

Strength and durability aside, the hood also offers a stylish design to make you stand out from the crowd. Available in various styles and colors to complement your truck’s exterior design, its purpose is to offer maximum visibility while driving, with airbags available should an accident occur.

RAM 1500s stand out from other pickups thanks to their ability to handle rough terrain. FCA’s engineers used high-strength steel in the frame and body of the truck while adding lightweight aluminum components in order to reduce its overall weight. In particular, Rebel models include hill descent control as well as an electronic rear differential. Skid plates will safeguard its undercarriage against dirt and rocks.

Add a custom-made hood to your RAM 1500 truck if you want to give it more character and make it stand out. These easy-to-paint hoods will complement its colors perfectly while increasing its resale value and maintaining frame integrity.

Easy Installation

An upgrade to your Ram 1500 with a new hood can transform both its appearance and performance. Many of these hoods provide functional ram air and heat extraction to optimize engine performance, and some feature resin transfer molding technology, which makes them lighter yet more robust than standard fiberglass options – plus their gelcoat finish resists rust.

Installation and removal are made simple with these hoods, using factory mounting hardware for an exact fit and installing it by simply taking out some bolts from your Ram 1500 and bolting in a new hood. Choose from a wide variety of styles and find something suitable for your truck today.

If you want to give your Dodge Ram 1500 an individualized look, a Rebel Hood may be just what’s needed. Crafted from top-quality materials and available in several finishes, these hoods provide direct replacement of your stock hood while withstanding even harsh conditions found during off-road adventures.

This hood features a functional scoop that draws cold air in for intake, increasing horsepower and torque as well as improving engine sound quality. A must-have for anyone seeking to upgrade their vehicle!

If your Ram 1500 comes equipped with Selec-Speed, be sure to install this hood. This system helps ensure a consistent driving experience across slope variations by maintaining constant vehicle speeds across terrain variations, so all that needs to be focused on driving is concentrating on steering! It may even automatically correct its course should it start drifting off course.

These fiberglass hoods are constructed to withstand even the harshest weather and off-road obstacles and come custom-fitted for your Ram 1500 with multiple color choices and warranties that cover them for extended use. Should any questions arise regarding our product, please do not hesitate to reach out; we are more than happy to provide answers!

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