The way DJs Make More Money

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It’s enjoyable being a mobile DJ. You are free to meet all sorts of excellent people. You get to deal with excellent devices. You get to figure out what sounds work; and then often watch the fruits of your labor in operation: the blissful sight of a packed dance floor. This is good, provided you can find the work at the beginning. If you’re not working enough, let us discuss a couple of things to think about to keep you booked every weekend… if not more.

Before we go deeper, keep this in mind; if you book just ten more gigs annually at $1000 a night, you’ve just put five grand in your pocket. So that you’ll see, with a little bit of hard work and know-how, it’s not way too hard to do. Market and promote your services as a DISC JOCKEY will also allow you to get more us dollars per gig. If you are today charging $800 and carrying out 30 gigs per year, you can make another $6000 per year simply by charging $1000 per night time.

The two words of getting arranged and getting paid decently are usually: sales and marketing.

In the internet era, those two fundamental aspects of business remain around and are just as important as they are yet always to be. Somewhat differently than earlier, yes, but the fact remains that you need to get your message facing people looking for your providers (DJ-ing their party, marriage, or club) and then affect them to hire you.

“Marketing” comes first. It’s easy to see if your current marketing efforts are working simply by answering one simple question: Will your phone be ringing? Are folks contacting you to find out much more about your services? It doesn’t must be by telephone, of course; e-mail, texts, seeking you out there at gigs, chatting with an individual at trade shows, etc. are typical examples of your “phone ringing. ”

Marketing will be the procedure of getting your label out in front of people who might use your services and, with any luck, creating a favorable image for the people (prospects). It can be on advertising or even cold contact. “Cold calling” is once you simply call people “cold” who MAY be interested in your current services, but it’s not likely the most efficient use of your time and energy. You will most likely have far better luck contacting people who are, in fact, in the market for your services… and so are somewhat prescreened. An example is a mobile DJ who often creates a booth at an engagement show. Quite a few of the people, who all go to bridal shows, usually are future brides in search of the exact services you give.

Another form of marketing is often a website. Brides will discover DJs in their area using surfing the net. If your web page is enticing enough to email or call, you ask for more information.

Most small businesses use a multi-pronged approach known as “marketing mix, “with various methods to get your identity out in front of people interested in your services. An advertising mix may include words connected with mouth/referral, website, internet advertising, print advertising, radio advertising, hearings at trade shows, volunteering at charity events, or anything you can think of.

There are entire guides written about marketing. If your cellphone isn’t ringing, look dark into this area and perfect that, and then find what works to suit your needs. Sometimes finding a marketing tool that may be being neglected by competition in your market is a great opportunity. They could be putting their eggs in a basket and missing an essential market part. If you can recognize it, and it’s genuinely getting ignored, you can dominate that.

Once you are making contact with those people who are interested in your product, you should close the deal. In my circumstance, a signed written agreement with a deposit is received. Specialist salespeople often refer to any conversion rate or a concluding rate. Often expressed as a percentage, the closing level is the number of sales you have closed compared to the number of leads you’ve had contact with. Quickly talked to 100 people, and 12 of them decided to seek my services; I have a 12% conversion rate. I have “converted” 12% of my leads into actual sales.

You will probably find that your numbers can change according to your package’s format. For instance, I close up 100% of the prospects My partner and I meet with in person. My cellular phone rate is about 50%, in addition to my email closing, and my conversion ratio is about forty percent. So, I’m better face to face than I am on the phone, and I’m better on the phone than I am on the internet. The problem having closed in person is that it commonly costs me the expense of a dinner and a great deal more time than either e-mail or telephone. (This is an expense that is not to be taken gently… If I close 20 each year in person and average 50 dollars per meal expense, this costs me $1000 each year! I could buy a new sub-woofer for that kind of money! )

When dealing with prospects that have contacted you, a product sales term and technique that you need to be familiar with is “overcoming arguments. ” An “objection” is a concern or unanswered issue a prospect may have. A few examples: “Do you offer a low cost? Why are you more expensive compared to your competitor? Are you accessible til 3am? How long are you currently doing this? ”

There is a variety associated with objections that you will come across; however, after a while, you will notice several which continue to re-appear. It’s essential to foresee these objections and have ready answers that you can deliver genuinely, honestly, and naturally whenever asked. For example, if your potential customer asks you: “Why does one charge $1000 to DISC JOCKEY a wedding when ‘Blazin’ Billy’ only charges $450? Very well, You should be able to give a fair answer to why you are better than Billy. If you are not prepared, you may reply: “I’m much better than Billy. ” That’s not enough to overcome your ex objection.

What if you don’t receive any objections? This generally happens when you get someone who is usually shy or uncomfortable asking about their concerns. In this case, your job is to draw the objections typically out of them. One does this by asking inquiries. Asking questions puts anyone in control of the conversation. When you fail to draw out and defeat objections, you will probably hear similar things: “Well, I’ll have to contemplate it. I’ll get back to you. Usually, this is the last period you will hear from that potential client; hence, you’ve lost a customer. You need to get your prospect to discuss finding out what objections she or maybe she may have.

Now, to the granddaddy of them all: “the shut. ” The art of closing can be a world unto itself. When you talk to sales managers of giant corporations, they are constantly seeking “closers. ” If you question a sales manager to elucidate what most salespeople accomplish wrong, they will usually mention problems with closing. The simplest way for you to define closing is “the act of asking for, and committing a sale.

An example might be: “Should My spouse and I pencil you in for typically the 24th? ” Once states “yes, ” you have a good discount. Closing must come naturally and easily as part of the whole course of action. Clumsily asking, “So, do you need to hire me? ” may work occasionally, but it may also turn off a potential prospect. Finally, too early, before all of the questions have been overcome, will often run off and turn back business.

Each one of the places we’ve talked about is simply opening paragraphs to get you thinking in the right direction. At the same time, get your name out there, get your phone ringing, develop some rapport, search out and overcome objections, and then view your bookings soar. With a little effort, you can operate every weekend and produce big bucks. Being a DJ is a blast. Making huge earnings while doing what you like is off the charts!

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