Three Main Ways to Make Electricity at Home for Free

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If you have no experience with DIY power generation, how can you start generating free electricity for your home? In this piece, I’ll go over the three most common approaches, along with my thoughts on which one is best based on my extensive experience in the field.

First Approach: Wind Energy

Wind energy is already widely used, though mainly in isolated areas and at sea. The significant amount of electricity produced by commercial wind turbines justifies the high initial investment and continuous maintenance costs.

However, the same cannot be stated about the home environment. Even with government funding, the cost of having a system installed is generally several thousand dollars. It usually takes ten years or more to get a return on your initial investment.

While it’s true that a wind turbine will increase your home’s worth, most financial experts advise against purchasing. A second home in a windy rural area where only a few appliances must be powered is the lone exception to this rule.

Method 2: Using Solar Energy

The conversion of the sun’s thermal and radiated energy into proper forms, such as electricity, is known as solar power.

Do you remember the first solar-powered calculators? We were sure solar energy would replace all other sources within a decade. This, however, has not been the case.

Many of the same issues that plague wind power also plague solar power. The initial investment is significant, and the return is minimal unless you live in an area with abundant sunshine and clear skies. Some components are constructed of glass and break quickly, adding to the high expense of upkeep.

Solar power has done well in commercial settings, but it takes too long to break even in residences like wind power. The solar water heater is the lone deviation from this rule. In this setup, water is heated and then used in the boiler. By avoiding the expense of heating water, you can conserve both resources and cash. I think this is a good investment opportunity and suggest you consider it. It’s too bad it can’t be used to run your home’s electricity.

Third Approach: Zero-Point Energy Production

The quantum mechanical concept of zero-point energy is just now beginning to reveal its potential. Governments have been working on it for years for defensive objectives; for instance, you may have heard that Obama plans to unleash anti-gravity technology.

Zero point has mainly been used for energy generation in commercial and home settings. Since magnetic forces far outweigh frictional losses, a motor can be propelled and maintained indefinitely using only magnetic qualities. This motion can be used as a generator to produce power. Within reasonable constraints, nearly infinite power can be yours for nearly zero dollars.

Devices for use in the house could become commercially available within the next 5-10 years. However, what if you need to use this technology immediately?

The zero-point motor is easily replicable so anyone can build one. If you’re willing to put in some time and effort, you can build a device that generates 7 kilowatts of power, which is more than enough for most homes, and your only operating cost will be replacing the magnets every decade or so. Finding a decent set of blueprints that includes instructions, assembly and wiring diagrams, and tips on where to get the parts cheaply is the best option. I can tell you from experience that spending the extra money on a decent set of plans is well worth it.

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