Uses of Poppy Seed

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Poppy seeds don’t naturally contain opium alkaloids like morphine; however, they may become contaminated during harvesting or insect damage. Otherwise, these rich, complex carbohydrates, iron, and calcium sources provide excellent nutrition. How do I find the right dried poppy pods online?

Poppy seed oil has been shown to significantly decrease cholesterol and enhance cardiovascular health, providing antioxidant protection and moisture. In addition, applying poppy seed paste directly on the face moisturizes it and treats eczema, burns, and itching conditions.

Treats Mouth Ulcers

Poppy seeds contain a rich array of essential nutrients such as dietary fiber, protein, vitamin A, and iron that can help regulate blood sugar levels, boost immunity, and promote skin health while aiding sleep quality and cognitive performance.

Poppy seed paste or drinks can relieve mouth ulcers by helping the body eliminate excess heat production, thus acting as an effective mouth ulcer treatment solution.

Poppy seeds contain oleic acid, which actively helps regulate and keep your blood pressure under control, providing essential support in cases of high or low blood pressure while simultaneously decreasing cardiovascular abnormalities such as heart attacks or strokes.

Treats Kidney Stones

Poppy seed (Khas Khas) is packed with calcium and potassium. This protects from kidney stones by controlling oxalate levels in your blood. Furthermore, it promotes bone health and fights osteoporosis; you can consume three tablespoons of khashkhash daily to meet 35% of your daily calcium needs!

Poppy seeds contain zinc, which has been shown to enhance thyroid functioning and treat conditions like autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, its animalcular degeneration properties make them beneficial eye care options.

Poppy seeds are an excellent source of fiber, helping prevent constipation while simultaneously lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Plus, they’re an excellent source of iron that increases hemoglobin and red blood cell counts – thus helping prevent heart attacks and strokes! Furthermore, poppy seeds are eco-friendly as their farming techniques do not cause significant environmental harm by polluting air and water with toxic chemicals – unlike traditional farming practices, which damage our planet with harmful chemicals.

Treats Thyroid Disorders

Poppy seeds, commonly referred to as “khus khus” in Hindi and “katakana” in Tamil or “Gasagasalu” in Telugu, have numerous health advantages. Packed with dietary fiber that aids digestion and treats constipation while lowering sugar and cholesterol levels, their magnesium content helps bone health, blood clotting, and nerve function. At the same time, iron and calcium provide strength and strengthening benefits that enhance nerve functions.

Khus khus’ potassium content helps treat and prevent kidney stones, while its seeds provide an excellent source of zinc which supports thyroid functioning.

Consuming khus before sleeping will promote peaceful, restful slumber, helping cure insomnia while acting as an analgesic. However, unwashed ones contain high amounts of codeine, thebaine, and morphine, so they should be avoided, while washed ones have no opium and should be safe to consume; the oil also provides cooling relief while improving cognitive functionality and increasing blood circulation to the brain.

Treats Dandruff

Poppy seeds are an excellent source of omega-6 (linoleic acid), an essential fatty acid that supports heart health, and calcium and phosphorus for bone maintenance. Furthermore, their iron content helps increase blood circulation and hemoglobin levels within the body, making these seeds effective treatment options against dandruff.

Dandruff is caused by an accumulation of oil on the scalp that leads to skin cells shedding and clumping together, producing an itchy, flaky appearance. Poppy seeds help treat this condition by soothing irritation while detoxifying the body.

Soak poppy seeds in water or milk and grind them with lime juice into a paste before applying it directly onto your scalp for one hour before washing off. Do this regularly to remove dandruff while moisturizing, strengthening your locks, and improving your health. Poppy seeds have also proven highly effective at treating and preventing eczema.

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