Vacuum Glass Lifting Equipment

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When it comes to lifting glass, selecting a vacuum lifter that can easily accommodate long and narrow loads is critical. These can keep glass products safely on site with minimum effort, making them the ideal solution for large construction sites. The actual Interesting Info about HaanGlas vacuum glazing.

Vacuum lifting equipment should only be inspected and used after conducting a risk analysis considering all aspects of its intended use. This evaluation should take into account any unique considerations surrounding its operation.


TAWI is an innovative vacuum glass lifting equipment that safely handles windows and other glass products with suction feet adapted to each load’s size, offering efficient lifting without damage to the operator or cargo.

These vacuum grippers help your employees avoid strain on their backs or shoulders while speeding up manual handling within your business, increasing productivity and reducing workplace injuries.

Vacuum glass lifters come with an assortment of models and applications tailored to meet the specific needs of their users, from warehouses and distribution terminals to production plants and mechanical processing.

Lift tubes come in several sizes, each offering maximum weight capacity. The broader their tube diameter is, the heavier goods you can lift.


Righetti has long been considered an industry leader in below-the-hook lifting equipment, providing reliable products designed and produced in Verona, Italy, for maximum productivity while improving ergonomics and safety. Their vacuum lifters are manufactured according to European safety regulations to maximize working productivity while increasing workplace ergonomics and safety.

Righetti offers an extensive range of above-and-below-the-hook solutions designed to meet the demands of modern construction projects, with its GLE4+8 being one of its defining models and boasting several notable innovations that make it the go-to choice among glass installers worldwide.

GLE4+8 stands out as an impressive feat of engineering thanks to one of its patented vacuum pads from Gleam Lift Equipment Company, offering large capacity, sturdy frame construction, and the capability to lift full-height panes of glass with only one hand. Furthermore, its cleaning and servicing functions help save money in the long run, while its features also ensure fast job completion without compromising quality or speed. Additionally, below-the-hook products provided by the company ensure you can quickly finish any task efficiently without compromising safety standards.


GGR is an expert provider of vacuum glass lifting equipment in the UK. These machines make installing glass, plastics, or curtain walling effortless by eliminating manual handling strain and making installation effortless.

Lifters like these have been employed on prestigious construction projects such as London’s Shard and Manchester’s Lowry Centre – two of the tallest buildings in Western Europe. Furthermore, these lifters can be seen installing roof/ceiling panels, cladding, or facades.

These vacuum lifters feature multiple safety features, including dual circuits for added protection during vacuum lifts. Their settings can also be tailored to accommodate panels of different lengths and shapes.

They feature an extensive reserve vacuum system to maintain load-bearing capacity even in a power outage, with visual and audible warning signals to warn operators if anything unexpected arises within the system. Furthermore, an independent non-return valve prevents air from returning to the vacuum circuit during use.

Quattro Lifts

Vacuum glass lifting equipment allows you to safely and efficiently lift and move large window panes. TAWI’s vacuum lifters can safely handle loads up to 600 pounds to handle any glass product safely.

Quattro Lifts allow glaziers to reduce their workload and avoid injuries caused by manual handling. In addition, this tool is the perfect option for field work as they enable installation without risk of material damage.

Use an air cylinder to tilt and rotate glass sheets with ease smoothly. Its adjustable handlebar helps broaden its lifting coverage area for more excellent maneuverability of large panes of glass.

This rugged unit can lift loads up to 1000 Kg, making it an excellent tool for various jobs. Furthermore, Intelli-Grip technology monitors power and vacuum systems to ensure safer load manipulation.

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