What Color Shoes to Wear With a Maroon Dress?


Maroon dresses can be combined with various colors, including gold, beige, and olive green, to achieve different looks and styles. These colors complement its rich hue and add visual interest while making maroon look stunning.

Similar to wearing navy or cobalt blue colors, maroon can also pair nicely with pastel blue tones such as light pastel shades.

Black & Silver

When selecting shoes to go with maroon dresses, there is an array of choices. Beige, black, golden, and silver heels all work beautifully. Black shoes offer more formality, while golden and silver options create more festive vibes.

If you prefer more casual styles, consider pairing your maroon dress with brown shoes for an easy everyday look. Brown will highlight its warm tones while looking more natural on you; additionally, brown goes well with neutral tones like white and grey; this means they can be worn for both formal and casual events.

Burgundy dresses are ideal for spring and summer months when worn with blush-colored shoes for an eye-catching contrast that adds femininity to any ensemble. When the temperatures drop in wintertime, pair your burgundy dress with navy blue shoes for an eye-catching contrast that stands out.

If you want to go beyond the typical red and blue combination, why not pair your maroon dress with light pastel blue instead? This combination creates an enchanting yet romantic look ideal for weddings; add in some ivory accents for added dimension.

One great way to elevate a maroon dress is by pairing it with a light champagne hue. This pairing makes an excellent wedding look, as its subtle hue complements the vibrant shades found within its fabric. Add dark brown accents for additional contrast!

To create a more feminine look, pair your maroon dress with lace for an added feminine touch and to look absolutely beautiful. For a more casual appearance, floral-print maroon dresses offer boho-chic charm, which is sure to please friends and family alike.

When selecting appropriate accessories, bracelets and necklaces are always reliable choices. A dainty necklace adds subtle sophistication, while bold bracelets make a bolder statement. Furthermore, you could accessorize with statement pieces such as purses or backpacks.


Gold is an elegant hue that complements maroon beautifully, adding a sense of luxury and regal chic to any ensemble. Add it in small doses as shoes, belts, or accessories to make any ensemble both sophisticated and regal; dark brown accents work particularly well to ground them both and create more cohesion between their two intense hues. However, avoid pairing bright scarlet with maroon; the colors will compete for attention instead of complementing each other.

Are you in search of an eye-catching maroon dress to wear to your next cocktail party? Look no further. This women’s embroidered long maroon dress features delicate Dori thread work and sequins to give it a luxurious appearance and elevate your glam factor. Pair this piece with a designer clutch and dainty earrings to complete the look!

Make an impactful fashion statement this season by wearing this sophisticated maroon dress with peplum sleeves, which will instantly elevate your glam quotient and leave an unforgettable impression on guests. Wear it with strappy high heels and dainty accessories to look chic and glamorous.

As part of your modern, feminine style, try wearing a sleeveless maroon maxi dress featuring floral embroidery for a first date – its bold shade will draw their eye and show how stylish it really is! Wear it with matching shoes for an elegant finish.

For an elegant but more casual engagement event, this maroon embellished maxi dress may be just what’s needed. Crafted from net and satin fabric for comfort, its long sheer sleeves feature intricate Dori thread works and sequin embellishment. Furthermore, its mandarin collar and dori embroideries create a truly regal appearance.

Maroon dresses are timeless wardrobe essentials that work year-round, providing stylish comfort in any season. Their earthy tones suit fall and winter, while lighter hues are suitable for spring and summer wear. Additionally, there are variations available that feature dusty rose or mauve undertones, which complement fairer skin tones perfectly.

Burgundy & Brown

Burgundy is an elegant color that pairs well with neutral tones like grays and blacks, yet warm hues like yellow and brown also work nicely together. Plus, its rich hue makes it suitable for both casual and formal settings!

An effective way to create a harmonious look and avoid clashing colors is to match your shoes to the color of your dress. When it comes to maroon dresses, suitable shoe colors include black, brown, and white, but you may opt for different hues depending on personal taste and the overall style of your outfit.

Burgundy is an elegant and feminine hue beloved among women for its graceful sophistication. It complements almost all skin tones, emphasizing the beauty of darker hair. If you’re feeling adventurous, add subtle burgundy highlights for added drama without much maintenance required! Burgundy makes an attractive statement.

Burgundy works particularly well when combined with brown furniture and accessories, making it an excellent choice for home designs that combine traditional elements with modern ones. Plus, its rich hues add warmth to a room – ideal if you prefer warm rooms as opposed to white pieces!

Burgundy is an ideal color to wear year-round. Its versatility makes it suitable for any season and situation, though autumn and winter pairings with warm neutrals such as camel or tan can look especially striking. But it can also pair beautifully with neutral hues that have cooler undertones, like grey and teal, for an eye-catching effect.

Wear burgundy with a light blush coat or purse for an eye-catching combination that complements numerous shoes and jewelry pieces, but be wary not to pair this color with any other red as this will become overpowering.

Pair a burgundy dress with gold or silver earrings and necklaces for an elegant ensemble suitable for weddings, special events, and spring weather. Light pink heels or boots make for the perfect complement. Finish it off with a handheld clutch bag and dainty jewelry pieces to complete your look!


Beige is an earthy hue, making it the ideal color to pair with maroon’s earthy tones. Beige pairs particularly well when worn alongside red or wine-colored maroon dresses; its pairing can be both romantic and energizing! Beige goes well with other warm fall shades such as golds and browns – however, blues or greens tend to look childish when combined with maroon, so pick another shade instead for your maroon ensemble.

Beige can create an effective contrast with maroon by pairing it with bright, vibrant hues such as sky-blue statement necklaces or other accessories; similarly, wearing your maroon dress with different bold hues like pink or purple works too – ensure that any matching accessories match up closely to its hue otherwise the contrast may become too busy and overwhelming.

Maroon dresses can help create a stunning visual impression when worn with high heels and delicate hand jewelry. If your neckline features plunging lines, add a choker or another piece of jewelry that highlights them for extra drama; additionally, you could pair this style of dress with an embellished clutch bag for formal events.

One great way to create an elegant, classic look is by pairing your maroon dress with beige pumps in complementary hues. This will highlight its elegance even further, and you may wish to consider strappy heels to complete the ensemble.

If you’re struggling to select shoes, look at pictures of celebrities with similar shoe styles and see how they pair with the maroon dresses they are wearing. Ask friends or family members for their advice as to which pairs pair well.

A sleeveless maroon dress featuring intricate lace details can make an excellent choice for casual events. Not only will its plush design accentuate the feminine style and add beauty, but you can easily pair this look with accessories like handheld clutch bags, designer earrings, and even big hoop earrings to complete the look.

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