Web Design Packages

Md. Mehedi Hassan MISHU
Site Author

Working on Web, Android & Games

The basic web design pack is for the beginners, students and hobbyists who wants their site ready at low cost & just get started. For 100$ it’s a good way of starting your new web journey.

The premium web design pack is for those who are always ready about bringing their vision to life & take their business or work to the next level. For 200$ it’s a great way to do what needs to be done for your business.

The pro web design pack is for those who takes their business or work seriously & need complete flexibility with advanced customization. For 300$ you will be able to show your site to your customers in style.

Design & Development

CMS based website is very easy to manage even for a person who has no knowledge of Content Management System. You can edit text, upload images and add more content to your site very easily. You can create unlimited number of pages, posts, menus. No programing knowledge needed that’s what CMS does!

Responsive web design means your site will fits in properly on any platform & any screen size. If you visit your site from mobile, it will look different than the desktop version. Majority percentage of the internet users browse the web on their phone now a days. Based on the screen size & aspect ratio the site will change it’s shape.

We can develop your app as your needs. Contact us now if you want us to build your native android app.

Design delivery time stats once we have all the requirements like design idea, text, title, details, contents, images etc. We can deliver your site very fast if needed.

Don’t really have much time to manage your site’s content? No problem at all. Let us maintain your site for you. So that you can focus on other important things in your business.

We will give you the best domain & hosting solution for your web. It’s good, it’s fast & it’s cheap. Excellent customer support. .com domain costs 11$ per year & Good Hosting costs 40$ per year (Unlimited Bandwidth, 20GB of Space, SSD Server & 1GB Ram).