A Crash Course in Linux: Putting Linux on a CD and Running it on Windows

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Learning Linux with the help of video tutorials is a quick and painless approach to getting up and running.

How to Install Linux on Windows to Study Linux on Your Computer.

If you want to use Linux on Windows, you can get a free Linux virtual machine and a “player” for running VMs.

Installing the free Linux virtual machine “player” is as simple as installing any other Windows app. About 20 minutes is needed for this.

After that, extract the files from the Linux VM you downloaded earlier into a new folder on your Windows computer. It takes roughly ten minutes if you don’t count the time it takes to download.

You can quickly run Linux on Windows with the help of a free video tutorial that walks you through downloading the Linux virtual machine player and a Linux virtual machine.

Linux Hints: Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Red Hat Linux, Fedora Linux, SUSE Linux, and many more are just some Linux distributions (versions) free virtual machines readily accessible for download.
Then, launch the virtual machine player and open a virtual machine like a document in a word processor, and you’ll have Linux inside Windows!
You can now use Linux in a “window” within Windows. Linux desktop applications can be launched directly, and a terminal emulation window can be opened to the Linux command line prompt.

Advice for Linux Users: A terminal emulation window can be opened on the Linux desktop, and Linux commands can be executed by typing: To access the terminal, either double-click the computer-screen icon on your desktop or right-click and choose “Linux Terminal” or “Linux Console” (or something similar) from the context menu.

Playing Linux Tutorial DVDs on a Windows PC
Now insert the CD with the Linux tutorial videos. This will launch your browser and bring up our collection of Linux video guides.

Any Linux video tutorial, such as “Running Linux in Windows,” “Installing Linux from CD/DVD,” or “Learning How to Run Linux Commands,” can be seen in the browser (on Windows) by clicking on the name of the video tutorial in the list.

So now you’re watching a Linux video in your browser while Linux is active in another window.

Using Windows as a platform for learning Linux and gaining hands-on experience.

The best aspect of learning Linux on Windows is that you can run Linux in the background.

In addition to watching the Linux tutorial videos, you’ll have access to a Linux desktop where you may install and utilize Linux-specific software and, most importantly, execute Linux commands.

Start a Linux video on “How to Run the Linux grep Command” or something similar, and you may quickly learn the ins and outs of using the command. Then press the playback’s pause button.

To access the Linux command line prompt, hold down the Alt key (to the left of the spacebar) and press the Tab key while in the Linux window.

Experiment a little with the Linux command you just saw.

Press and hold Alt, then tab to the Linux video window to see more of the film and learn more about the command’s parameters.

Press Alt+Tab on the Linux window’s command line prompt to test the updated Linux commands. Further, etc.

The best method to learn Linux the hard way!

To help you get over the steep learning curve that is Linux, we have provided some free sample video tutorials for you to check out at [http://www.iLearnLinux.com].

To receive technical advice, updates on new video samples, and news about Linux, sign up for Free I Learn Linux News [http://www.iLearnLinux.com].

It would be best to learn Linux simply to gain a new job, receive a promotion, make a lot more money, get certified in Linux, or keep your existing position since your employer is trying to cut costs by not purchasing as many software licenses. Practice what you’ve seen!

Clyde Boom, Author and Professional Trainer with Over Twenty Years of Experience. Thanks to the author’s clear, non-technical explanations of complex topics, tens of thousands of software and hardware novices have been turned into experts.

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