Are SARMs the Safest Steroid?

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SARMs (Specific Anabolic Steroid Medications) are an increasingly popular group of compounds for stimulating muscle growth without significant side effects, making them popular among bodybuilders. But, it is crucial to determine if SARMs are safe enough for long-term use. Guide on what are sarms?

SARMs may help increase muscle mass, but they’re far less safe than steroids – mainly recreational users of steroids who often take much higher dosages than are prescribed to medical patients.


SARMs have quickly become an infamous substance among bodybuilders and athletes. While preclinical and clinical trials have revealed promising results, regulatory bodies have yet to approve them for widespread use, leading to confusion over their legality.

Although SARMs can help you build muscle and burn fat, their use can negatively affect your health if misused. Some steroids can increase hostility and risk for liver damage; additionally, they could contribute to young individuals’ high blood pressure or infertility.

The legality of SARMs remains murky due to them needing to be FDA-approved and sold online as research chemicals. However, some companies avoid shipping to military bases for fear of shut-downs indicating these are intended for human consumption. Furthermore, due to being sold as capsules make regulation difficult.

Side effects

SARMs are considered safer alternatives to steroids, yet they still may have side effects, including suppressed natural hormone production and an increased risk of liver toxicity. To minimize or avoid side effects from SARM use, bodybuilders should note that use will appear on drug tests.

SARMs are currently legal to buy and sell, so long as they’re sold as research chemicals (which often happens online). Selling SARMs as dietary supplements is illegal as these unregulated supplements may contain ingredients, banned substances, or inaccurate doses of SARMs.

Even with these restrictions in place, some bodybuilders still purchase and use SARMs without being prescribed them, partially due to social media influencers promoting them; also because SARMs can produce results comparable to steroids without adverse side effects, making them a popular choice among athletes and bodybuilders alike.


Instead of steroids which may lead to liver damage, high blood pressure, and infertility, SARMs can be taken in much smaller dosages without risk. A starting dose for novice users should range between 5mg and 10mg, while more experienced users could increase it up to 20mg without suffering severe adverse side effects. This dose should not cause serious side effects.

SARMs are an exciting new class of medicine with great promise in treating various conditions, from cancer wasting syndrome and osteoporosis to helping athletes maintain muscle mass during calorie restriction for bodybuilding purposes. Although research on SARMs is limited, their potential benefits outweigh the risks; nonetheless, it is wise to consult a physician or pharmacist before starting their use; doctors in Australia are required to register all approved medicines on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods while online sellers often sell SARMs without a valid prescription containing unlicensed ingredients – before starting any course of medication.


SARMs offer great promise as anabolic drugs promoting muscle building while aiding fat loss. Researchers are investigating their potential as treatments for conditions including cancer and osteoporosis; additionally, they may also serve as an effective alternative to steroids for performance enhancement among bodybuilders and athletes.

These drugs aren’t legal to sell as supplements; they’re considered research chemicals and must be obtained with a valid prescription. When used by natural bodybuilders, however, these chemicals may lead to various health complications, including prostate growth and the appearance of feminine characteristics (gynecomastia).

Studies conducted over the last year also discovered that specific SARMs sold as dietary supplements contain unregulated substances that could be dangerous to users, creating further concern among professional athletes or bodybuilders competing as SARMs can be flagged by drug tests like anabolic steroids.

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