Traffic Rider Game Review

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Traffic Rider is one of the best new first-person motorbike racing games, offering players a diverse selection of motorcycles and several game modes. The Interesting Info about Traffic rider mod apk.

The game features an immersive day/night cycle that affects gameplay, combined with sounds such as engine noise and tire screeches that add an authentic experience.


Traffic Rider is a fantastic racing game for fans of racing games who enjoy challenges. However, mistakes often result in mission restarts; nevertheless, it’s worth your effort as this game offers ample rewards for colliding into vehicles at high speeds!

Gameplay occurs from a first-person perspective, with players gazing upon a set of handlebars. Acceleration and braking can be controlled by pressing the right and left buttons; you can tilt your device back and forth to alter how your rider leans.

The game provides numerous customization options, such as changing from kilometers per hour (KMN) to miles per hour (MPH), weather effects like rain and snow, and even an initial starter kit that lets players purchase new bikes, cash, gold, and remove advertisements. Furthermore, its user interface is highly engaging and straightforward – an advantage for newcomers who don’t wish to invest too much time learning how to play!


Traffic Rider is an entertaining arcade game designed to excite racing fans everywhere. It provides an appealing selection of motorbikes with distinct designs, day and night racing variations, and impressive graphics.

Graphics optimized for high-performance devices offer an immersive gaming experience. First-person perspective mode and realistic sound effects give an authentic sense of motorcycling.

Users can choose between four gaming modes that progressively unlock as they advance through the game. Career mode provides a well-designed progression system with over forty missions that challenge players to reach certain goals within a specific period, such as passing a certain number of cars or driving certain distances.

Traffic Rider provides fast-paced yet challenging gameplay. The controls are straightforward, and the motorcycles handle smoothly; Career mode and Endless mode provide ample opportunities to upgrade or purchase new bikes as players progress in their game experience.

Sound effects

This game includes various sound effects to add atmosphere and provide immersive play, such as engine growls and brake screeches that can be turned on or off at will. Furthermore, its music adds another layer of depth.

Traffic Rider offers multiple game modes that add extra challenges and intensify the experience, such as online multiplayer races or time trials. These unique opportunities can prove very rewarding and make gameplay even more thrilling!

Traffic Rider’s controls are intuitive and user-friendly, enabling players to accelerate, brake, and steer their motorcycles by tilting the device. Furthermore, players can opt to play first-person mode for an intense first-person experience and earn bonuses by being reckless while on the road – such as cutting someone off or passing too closely will add a few seconds to their total time limit!


Traffic Rider elevates the arcade racing genre, featuring a full career mode, first-person perspective, improved graphics, and real-life recorded bike sounds. Simple yet incredibly addicting gameplay makes Traffic Rider an immersive racing experience.

Players have several control options to select from when it comes to controlling their device, from buttons or tilting it for movement, as well as day/night settings that change how the game appears and feels.

Players can earn in-game currency as they complete challenges and race to the finish line, using it to purchase new motorcycles and increase experience levels. Unfortunately, however, the game doesn’t offer much variety due to straight highway roads that require skillful navigation – at first, you will crash into many vehicles; as time progresses and the playing experience builds up more frequently, you will become less prone to making mistakes and make fewer crashes than before.

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