Asphalt Paving Cost Per Square Foot

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Asphalt paving costs are determined by various factors, including project type (installation, repair, or repaving), location, and materials used. Find the best Asphalt Paving New Orleans.

Asphalt prices depend on oil prices and the costs associated with purchasing ingredients for an asphalt-mixture mixture, typically ranging between $40-80 per ton for 30 to 80 square feet of coverage.

Hot mix

Asphalt paving material is the go-to material for driveways. Installing one costs significantly less than concrete, maintenance expenses are lower, and it has more excellent durability compared to concrete. Asphalt costs vary based on region as well as the experience of your chosen paving contractor, who ultimately determines your final price.

A typical asphalt driveway typically costs $8 to $12 per square foot for materials and labor costs, including excavation and drainage work, if necessary. Paving on sloped or curving sites may incur more significant expenses.

The price of asphalt driveway installation will depend on the size and scope of your project. As with most projects, larger areas require more asphalt to cover them effectively; weather and soil conditions also impact this number; pricing also can depend on factors like location or additional services being required.

Before making your choice, get quotes from several contractors and compare their prices. Check their references and liability insurance. A great contractor should be willing to answer your questions and offer warranties for their work.


Porous asphalt is an asphalt modification that uses larger aggregates and creates open voids to allow water to pass through it freely. Although its cost tends to be less than previous concrete, its installation tends to be more costly as it typically requires a milling machine/grader, asphalt paver, labor costs, and transport vehicles with hoppers to haul material around.

Porous asphalt pavement requires additional care than other forms, as its porous aggregates are susceptible to clogging and require regular inspection and cleaning. Furthermore, its lack of structural integrity renders it easy to freeze/thaw cycles, which damage its aggregates, making it unsuitable for high-traffic areas like airport runways or retail complex parking lots.

Porous pavement solutions offset initial costs through reduced stormwater fees and the elimination of conventional stormwater infrastructure costs, helping reduce the load on local sewage treatment plants, as well as recharge groundwater supplies. Furthermore, this solution may help reduce pollution in runoff, which is beneficial to both wetlands and nearby neighborhoods.

Porous pavements are ideal for low-volume and low-speed roadways with limited truck traffic and speed limits of 35 mph or lower, as well as parking lots featuring 18-foot driving lanes with angled parking spaces that help drivers reduce maneuvering stress on the pavement. Furthermore, these pavements offer benefits like heat retention, which helps reduce glare and ice formation, as well as needing less de-icing materials than their alternatives.


The price for an asphalt driveway installation varies based on several factors, such as its scope and materials used, regional pricing differences, and installation speed. Asphalt tends to be less costly than concrete but more rapidly installed; its installation price may increase accordingly if an oversized or lengthy leveling project requires substantial adjustments.

Stamped, decorative, or colored asphalt driveways typically cost between $12 and $17 per square foot due to the multi-step installation process, which includes pouring and stamping the asphalt before it sets. Homeowners have many hues available to them by adding a pigment into the hot mix.

Porous asphalt offers an eco-friendly alternative that helps mitigate neighborhood runoff and water table depletion. It features tiny pores that enable rainwater to seep through into the ground beneath, making this type of pavement ideal for parking lot pavement projects. Plus, its durability makes it more cost-effective.

Before selecting an asphalt contractor, ensure they are reputable and possess at least five years of experience. Consider contractors certified with your state Department of Transportation asphalt training programs or NCAT. Lastly, verify if workers compaction a 4-inch base using a vibratory roller prior to paving.

Cold mix

Asphalt paving offers an economical and long-term solution to replacing or repairing driveways, and costs vary based on material type and the amount installed or repaired. While the typical cost per square foot for an asphalt surface ranges between $5 to $7, additional expenses such as labor and machinery costs could increase this number significantly; sloped surfaces might need other grading/excavation work, which in turn increases overall project expenses; additionally you may require a permit which further ups costs associated with this undertaking.

Recycled and porous asphalts are available for your surfacing needs, providing options such as recycled asphalt, which is more economical and eco-friendly, while porous asphalt offers drainage issues in high rainfall areas by allowing water to run through rather than remain on top. Recycled asphalt costs less per square foot, while porous asphalt can cost between $8-15 per square foot, depending on its application.

Additional factors affecting the cost of asphalt paving projects include excavation and earthwork requirements at your site, permit fees, labor and equipment costs (these can differ depending on contractor experience, availability, and location), in addition to oil price fluctuations, which impact final material costs.

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