Cotton Candy Cake Near Me in NYC


Cotton candy-inspired dishes have begun gracing menus all around town. First seen at Oddfellows Ice Cream Shop and later spreading to doughnut shops like Sugar Factory on the Upper West Side, now even doughnuts feature this trend!

Sherri Kelly creates handspun sugar sculptures in the shape of layers of cakes using handpun sugar. She offers 13 flavors and can make customized creations to commemorate an upcoming birthday or anniversary.

1. Sweet Fluffy

Sweet Fluffe founder Sherri Kelly told Narcity that her company specializes in crafting Instagram-worthy cotton candy cakes. She and her team create these vibrant confections by molding cotton candy in plastic cake molds so they retain their shapes and decorate the finished desserts using flattened, hand-cut cotton candy cut in different forms such as storks, mermaids, video game characters, and corporate logos. In total, the company offers 13 flavors – lemon lime green, apple strawberry, banana watermelons pink vanilla bubblegum that allow customers to create genuinely custom orders!

Although the cakes aren’t sold in stores, they can still be ordered online and delivered across North America. Kelly claims that due to being made of cotton candy, they’re healthier than traditional cakes – with each slice containing around 100 calories, which still amounts to quite a lot if consumed on its own!

If you want to surprise someone special with an edible cotton candy cake, order online from Brooklyn-based bakery Cotton Candy Kitchen. Their cakes arrive in airtight and moisture-resistant bags, ready for party tables or just snacks at home! Not to mention, they’re gluten-free, peanut-free, and nut-free, as well as vegan!

Take a journey back in time by visiting this classic Brooklyn candy shop in Park Slope. This longstanding Coney Island fixture boasts delicious treats like caramel-and-sugar-dipped apples, cotton candy, and egg creams, making this visit essential if you want a taste of nostalgia!

2. Sugar Factory

In the Williamsburg neighborhood along the East River, Domino Sugar Factory stands as an architectural landmark. Once home to over half of America’s sugar production, its former refinery still features its iconic towering smokestack. Today, it stands as an eclectic combination of old and new: two grand brick buildings joined together by a 9,000-square-foot restaurant offering both sweet and savory American culinary classics in Parkway Bank Park Entertainment District.

At this restaurant, the menu offers a wide range of burgers, pizzas, salads, and entrees such as shrimp fajitas and pan-roasted salmon. Their deliciously sugary drinks should not be missed either, particularly their large candy-themed cocktails served in enormous goblets that transport diners back into 1920s fantasy land – including Bubba Bubba Gum, Sour Apple Lolly, and Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan, to name just three of many popular choices!

Sherri Kelly operates a hand-spun cotton candy business specializing in creating custom-designed layered cotton candy “cakes” customized to each order. Her creations range from those inspired by storks and mermaids to video game characters and corporate logos, with 13 flavors such as lemon, lime, strawberry, blue raspberry, pink bubblegum, and orange watermelon birthday cakes available! Her cakes also contain fewer calories due to being airy creations made out of hand-pressed cotton candy!

If cotton candy doughnuts don’t satisfy your sweet tooth, stop into The Sugar Factory on 1991 Broadway for dessert. Their menu offers many of their popular items, and their unique dishes and drinks will make your Instagram feed green with envy!

Sugar Factory is best-known for its sugary cocktails and massive milkshakes – especially its iconic Bacon Cheeseburger Milkshake! Topped with strips of bacon and a mini cheeseburger, its glass covered in M&Ms, pretzels, and gummy bears is sure to put any diner’s meal over the edge! Kim Kardashian and Ice-T have frequented this circus-themed restaurant that serves an eclectic menu, and even has one in Jacksonville, Florida, serving similar fare!

3. Fluffy’s Cotton Candy Creations

Fluffy’s team excels at crafting cotton candy into works of edible art, creating colorful characters from their fluffy treats right before customers’ eyes for everyone to enjoy.

Their unique creations are inspired by their founders’ diverse backgrounds and passion for creative arts, sweets, and entrepreneurship. They aim to add an innovative touch to traditional cotton candy businesses and offer fun ways to commemorate any special event or holiday celebrations.

The team behind this groundbreaking concept combines artistic ability with extensive industry knowledge to craft captivating cotton candy sculptures that will impress anyone who sees them. Their creations range from simple hearts and flowers to more elaborate animals, characters, and iconic figures. Additionally, this team offers various colors, including classic pink and blue, as well as more exotic choices, such as lime orange grapes.

Fluffy’s Delectable Creations can be found at their store in Oshawa, Ontario, or shipped anywhere across North America. Crafted with only premium organic ingredients and customizable to any message or design imaginable – whether celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any other milestone, Fluffy’s has you covered when it comes to crafting delicious cakes that match any celebration perfectly! Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any other milestone event.

Established in 2019, this company utilizes an advanced cotton candy machine to produce a steady stream of fluffy, colorful threads. The device consists of a spinning head enclosed within a more minor “sugar reserve” bowl into which granulated sugar mixed with food coloring (or separately colored sugar) is added, heated around its perimeter by heating elements around its rim before being squeezed through tiny holes using centrifugal force into an outgoing stream. Glycerin and other flavors give this candy its smooth texture.

Hal Roback previously owned a buffet restaurant in Toronto and has over four decades of experience in the food service industry. Throughout his career, he has developed numerous concepts and frequently lectured at local hospitality programs; additionally, he possesses solid sales and marketing acumen.

4. The Pool

Flocks of New York University students and adventurous eaters visit this St. Mark’s Place Japanese restaurant for three reasons: $8 pitchers of sake, the inclusion of bull’s penis on the menu, and rosemary cotton candy for dessert. It’s indicative of an airily spreading trend across NYC dining; cotton candy has made an appearance everywhere, from Oddfellows ice cream parlor to Industry Kitchen pizza at South Street Seaport; try Naoki for its eggplant tiramisu with rosemary cotton candy as an example!

At Grand Bazaar NYC’s weekly sweet-makers market, find experimental small-batch confections you won’t find elsewhere – from cotton candy characters sculpted out of wax paper to flavor-infused marshmallows!

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