Cryo Cure Resin Cake


Cryo Cure has revolutionized the cannabis industry by elevating quality, flavor, and potency. Their innovative curing process works to maintain THC-A levels while avoiding degradation for a smooth smoke with euphoric effects.

Are you searching for an authentic cryo-cured cannabis experience? Look no further than Cake She Hits’ 1-gram disposable carts for premium, genuine cannabis consumption.


Cryo curing is a method that involves freezing cannabis resin at extremely low temperatures to preserve its terpene and cannabinoid profile and create an enhanced and flavorful experience for cannabis enthusiasts looking for high-quality strains at convenient locations. Cryo curing produces premium products suitable for cannabis connoisseurs looking for excellent songs at accessible sites.

Cake She Hits Different’s 1G cartridge of Berry Gelato strain will enchant and satisfy your senses. Our exclusive cryogenic curing process ensures every hit contains authentic flavor of ripe berries – tantalizing taste buds and transport you into an oasis of pure pleasure.

Aromatically, this strain evokes a delicious blend of earthy citrus notes with subtle pine aromas, as well as boasting an impressive 22% THC concentration and high concentrations of myrcene, pinene, and limonene terpenes – ideal for providing creative stimulation or relieving stress relief. This strain makes an excellent choice for anyone seeking to increase creativity or ease stress levels.

Orange Sunset strain is an Indica dominant hybrid of Orange Banana and OZ Kush with an exquisitely complex flavor of orange, tangerine, and gas with notes of pine. The high from this strain has been reported as long-lasting and intense, delivering both euphoria as well as cerebral stimulation; its effects may leave your eyes and mouth dry, so it is wise to stay hydrated while enjoying this strain.


Cryo-cured cannabis is produced through the flash-frozen flower that has been exposed to solvents like propane or butane and then compressed, cutting out both the curing and drying stages altogether. Consumers appreciate its flavorfulness, potency, and lack of harsh taste or texture compared to many other extracts.

Cryogenic freezing also retains color, smell, and texture that would otherwise be lost through traditional curing processes. Furthermore, cryo-cured cannabis typically appears twice as large compared to traditionally cured flowers, providing consumers with more of an authentic “live resin” experience with plenty of cannabinoid and terpene flavors still intact.

Cryo Cure allows for the retention of aroma, flavor, and potency from cannabinoids like terpenes compared to traditional dried flowers. Therefore, consumers must find companies using this process; products crafted using this method typically offer higher concentrations of THC with superior aromas while being more potency and less likely to irritate lung tissue, making them perfect for vaporizing.

Cake She Hits Different is an innovative company that utilizes an exclusive cryo-curing process to deliver smooth vapors and intense effects without the harshness caused by other extraction methods. They offer various high-quality devices, such as the new knockout disposable featuring Delta 9 live resin extracted via the Cryo cure extraction method.

The Knockout Disposable by Cake She Hits Different features a 1.5-gram capacity and comes in various strains and flavors for convenient vaping on the go. Perfect for anyone searching for an easy vaping device that is portable, simple to use, and lab-tested – featuring high-grade oil standard hardware as well as no unnatural chemical additives like Propylene glycol, Vitamin E acetate, vegetable glycerin, or Polyethylene glycol! Additionally, this device has also been third-party tested to be free from mycotoxins, heavy metals, and pesticides, making this an excellent portable option!


Cryo-cured cannabis uses an innovative freezing process that preserves delicate flavors and potency, reducing degradation of terpenes while increasing the THC content of the final product and also enhancing aroma/flavor of cannabis, creating an aromatic vape oil product with potency and aromatic properties, free from solvents/pesticides thus offering an ideal option for users with sensitive respiratory systems.

Cryogenic freezing is more efficient than traditional curing methods at preserving the terpenes of marijuana plants and keeping their natural color and smell without shrinking during curing, meaning that smokeable marijuana flowers remain more accurate to original live resin than ever.

The cryo-cure process also serves to preserve natural terpenes while stabilizing THC-A levels so they do not degrade into more relaxing cannabinoids such as CBN. This helps create an overall balanced effect that both uplifts and relaxes users.

Cryo-cured cannabis concentrate is more potent than conventional marijuana, typically containing at least 20% THC. The higher THC content can help relieve anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders while simultaneously increasing energy levels and productivity levels and producing a more intense euphoric experience than standard cannabis does.

Straight from the Freezer,” products are harvested at their peak and immediately placed into a cryogenic freezer, which optimizes flavor, aroma, and terpene profiles by preserving up to 50% of cannabinoid and terpene characteristics.

The new Cake She Hits Different Cryo Cured Resin Carts offers 1.5 grams of the highest standard whole plant Delta 9 extract with natural terpenes in a sleek and portable device, manufactured using top quality hardware and rigorous third-party lab testing for mycotoxins, pesticides, foreign contaminants, residual solvents or any pesticides – making these high-grade cartridges an excellent choice for consumers with interest in cannabis! This makes the new Cake She Hits Carts perfect picks for consumers seeking an enhanced cannabis experience.


Cryo-cured resin cake provides exceptional purity and potency, making it an excellent choice for cannabis enthusiasts who prioritize purity. Experienced users, as well as those new to cannabis, can both appreciate this outstanding treat – its high concentration of cannabinoids provides quick relief whether you need relaxation, creativity, or pain relief.

Cryo curing also preserves up to 50% of terpene and cannabinoid profiles, providing users with optimal flavor and user experience. The result is more natural-tasting vaping experiences that won’t make you feel lethargic later. Furthermore, cryo curing stabilizes THC-A content, keeping it from degrading into CBN, which could otherwise render vaping less pleasant and slow overall.

Our premium cannabis concentrates come packaged in high-grade medical-grade disposable cartridges to provide a safe and enjoyable vaping experience. Each premium product is lab-tested to ensure they’re free from pesticides, foreign contaminants, mycotoxins, and heavy metals – producing ultra-pure vaping oil that works perfectly with standard hardware without risk of burn or leakage. Authentic Cake Carts Store is proud to bring this innovative product that elevates the cannabis experience further!

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