Paw Patrol Cakes


If your kiddo loves watching Nick Jr’s Paw Patrol series featuring Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Zuma Rubble, and Skye as characters from Nick Jr, then hosting a Paw Patrol-themed birthday party may be just what is needed to bring out their inner hero! There are numerous exciting games, food, and decoration ideas you could incorporate into the celebration, while a fantastic Paw Patrol cake should serve as its focal point! Check out some fabulous Paw Patrol cakes here.


If your little one loves watching PAW Patrol, they’re sure to love this adorable cake. Featuring a full-color drawing piped from buttercream of their favorite character piped on top of a single layer vanilla buttercream cake frosted in vanilla flavor; pick from Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Everest Rubble Skye Zuma, or add any name or birthday message as personalization options, on front. Your PAW patrol-themed party will surely be memorable when served this delicious treat! 8″ Round Edible Cake Topper.

Print on an 8″x 11″ frosting sheet; image must be cut out.

Artisan Bake Shop designed and produced the original.


PAW Patrol birthday parties are a prevalent theme among boys and girls alike. You’ll find lots of fantastic party ideas, games, treats, and decorations. Of course the piece de resistance of any celebration is its cake, and PAW Patrol cakes provide you with plenty of choices that might just fit the bill for your festival!

Chase is a German Shepherd who serves as one of the members of the Paw Patrol. With his can-do attitude and strict moral code, he makes an exceptional police dog who uses an expert sniffer to track any scent. In addition to that, he acts as a traffic cop using his megaphone to warn the public of danger or direct traffic. Chase also remains loyal to his friends, especially Little Hootie, whom he always protects with great devotion.

If your child loves Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Rubble, Zuma, and Skye from Nick Jr.’s show Paw Patrol, Artisan Bake Shop’s Paw Patrol birthday cakes will make their next celebration an eventful one! These pup-tastic creations will surely stand out amongst all other guests.


No matter if it’s a basic sheet cake or a more elaborate tiered design, Paw Patrol-themed cakes make great centerpieces on any table! Also, consider creating unique party supplies yourself for their big day – try baking edible party favors to give their celebration extra personalization!

Chase, the tallest pup of the PAW Patrol, is an energetic German shepherd with a positive mindset and a practical “by the book” approach to life. A natural leader, Chase often leads his team in search of solutions when there’s a problem to be addressed. An adept sniffer, Chase takes his job seriously but often gets overly emotional about specific missions (especially ones involving Marshall).

His favorite accessory is his goggles, which he uses to track down objects or people and warn the citizens about potential danger. Additionally, they help him navigate the city streets quickly so he can quickly locate his friends and possess an intense loyalty that stands by Ryder no matter what.

This whimsical cake features numbers, characters and paw prints for any birthday celebration – your children will absolutely adore it! Additionally, add a name topper to personalize it even further!

Make this Everest Paw Patrol cake a memorable birthday celebration! Featuring edible toy figurines of the Paw Patrol crew and only takes 10 minutes to assemble!

This stunning cake is sure to turn heads! Shaped like a police car and decorated with edible images of Paw Patrol pups, its top features an adorable Dalmatian flame for added character!


If your kids love Paw Patrol, a cake featuring their favorite characters would make an excellent way to commemorate their birthday celebration. Even novice bakers can create impressive Paw Patrol cakes featuring simple or intricate designs – these unique desserts will undoubtedly bring smiles to any party.

If you’re searching for an eye-catching Paw Patrol cake topper, take a look at this video tutorial that shows how to craft Everest with fondant. With step-by-step instructions and clear explanations, soon enough, you will have an adorable Everest topper on your cake in no time!

Another excellent idea for decorating a Paw Patrol cake is using sugar cookies as decoration. Not only will these colorful treats add vibrancy to any table setting, they are an easy way to bring the theme alive! By using character cookie cutters, you’ll soon have a delicious and eye-catching cake ready!

A Paw Print Number Cake is another excellent choice for a Paw Patrol birthday celebration. This easy cake recipe starts with a nine-by-13-inch sheet cake topped with buttercream frosting and can easily be customized by changing out its number and frosting color to reflect your theme of celebration.

For an elaborate Paw Patrol cake, this two-tiered creation may be just what’s needed! Decorated with edible images of Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Rubble Zuma, and Skye, plus an extra unique custom-designed topper, this treat is extra memorable!

If you lack the time or skills needed to create a custom fondant topper, a beautiful edible image from Etsy, such as this Skye topper, could make an excellent alternative. She would look amazing whether on homemade or store-bought cakes!

If you’re hosting a Paw Patrol-themed party, this pull-apart cake will surely impress guests. Crafted with white cake layers stacked upon two chocolate layers topped off with frosting between each one and optional Kit Kat layers to finish it off perfectly!

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