Find the Best Tanning Salon Near Me in NYC


If a beach isn’t in your plans, New York offers many other non-beach locations to achieve that golden glow – rooftops, parks, or state-of-the-art tanning salons.

Below are our favorite spots in NYC where you can soak up some sun while taking in stunning city views. Check out some of the sites for optimal tanning below.

Central Park

People typically picture themselves lounging on a beach to achieve that sun-kissed glow, but NYC offers numerous non-beach locations where one can obtain that golden sheen – rooftops, parks, and even state-of-the-art tanning salons are ideal spots. These spots can help people avoid having to pack towels and sunscreen each time they head outdoors for some tanning action!

Rooftops are an excellent environment for tanning as they provide a relaxing and comfortable place to spend the day. Plus, many rooftops feature breathtaking city views, adding more appeal. NYC boasts plenty of rooftops suited to tanning, which you can find by searching rooftop listings online; alternatively, parks may have designated sunbathing areas, so if you want some respite from crowds at the beach, consider checking out parks or green spaces in your neighborhood as additional tanning spots.

Central Park is one of the premier destinations for sunbathing in NYC, featuring museums, zoos, gardens, and fountains. Plus, Central Park provides one of the city’s best outdoor exercise spaces – open from dawn until dusk for quiet relaxation in nature!

Prospect Park offers another excellent place for sunbathing in the city – an urban park home to a wide array of wildlife and its magnificent lake. Additionally, picnickers and families flock here, making Prospect Park known as “The People’s Park.”

Prospect Park is best visited between late spring and early summer when temperatures are warm but not overbearing; admission is also free! Central Park Zoo also resides within its boundaries and attracts animal enthusiasts, home to such animals as polar bears and tamarin monkeys.

The High Line

NYC’s premier tanning salons can’t be beat when looking to achieve an attractive bronze glow without risking skin cancer. From UV tanning beds and spray tans to state-of-the-art equipment that ensures natural-looking bronze hues – and many also offer manicures and waxing – NYC offers top-quality salons offering high-quality tanning services at reasonable rates.

The High Line, located on an abandoned elevated railroad line on Manhattan’s West Side, is a trendy public park that draws millions each year to experience breathtaking city views from above and unique botanical gardens with urban settings. Millions visit annually, making this one of New York City’s individual experiences.

Inspired by Paris’ Promenade Plantee, residents began lobbying to preserve and repurpose the abandoned High Line as a park. The first section opened for public use in 2009; since then, the park has continued to expand, with another half-mile section opening at Hudson Rail Yards in 2014.

The High Line is ideal for strolling, shopping, dining, or visiting the cityscape. This park is filled with art installations by established and emerging artists, inviting interaction – feel free to touch or move any building if so inclined! Additionally, there are various food and drink offerings on The High Line, including its weekly market with food from local vendors.

The High Line can easily be reached using public transportation; its nearest subway stations are the Gansevoort Street stop in Meatpacking District and the 10th Avenue/West 30th Street stop in Chelsea, with bus services also operating along its path and several commuter train lines nearby. Traveling by car? Parking should not be an issue in the area – for more information, visit their website!


When it comes to getting that gorgeous sun-kissed glow, self-tanner or tanning booths may seem quick and easy; however, these options can damage your skin. Luckily, NYC boasts numerous state-of-the-art tanning salons equipped with cutting-edge equipment that provides perfect bronzed complexions while offering various services and packages designed to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free!

When searching for the ideal tanning salon in NYC, please consider its location, accessibility, and level of privacy. A great spot should be able to provide plenty of sunlight throughout the day while offering comfortable sunbathing chairs and a pool for sunbathing – plus be within easy access from either home or work so it can easily be reached.

Apart from tanning beds and spray tans, some of the top salons in NYC also provide hair care services and spa treatments. Many offer manicures and pedicures at dedicated spaces with various therapies, such as exfoliating to keep feet looking smooth and healthy; others may provide waxing or massages so you look your best before significant events!

NYC offers several rooftops to bask in the sunshine and gain an elegant tan. Many hotels feature rooftop lounges and pools; others, such as the James Hotel in Manhattan, feature pools that make this the perfect spot to get sun-kissed.

If you prefer more controlled environments, NYC parks provide the ideal solution. Prospect Park in Brooklyn offers excellent sun exposure while overlooking its iconic bridges; Riverside Park on the Upper West Side features lush green lawns and spectacular Hudson River views – although remember to apply sunscreen regularly, as prolonged sunbathing may result in skin damage.


Parks may not be your go-to spots for tanning, but NYC’s vast green spaces offer plenty of sunwiper options. Parks provide ample sun exposure, easy accessibility, and gorgeous city views – not forgetting lounges or pools, making them the perfect setting for an enjoyable tanning and relaxation session.

Central Park is a favorite spot for sunbathers. Conceived by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in the 19th century, its design offers plenty of open space ideal for spreading a towel and taking in some sun. As well as providing scenic beauty and recreational activities like tennis and roller skating – not to mention model boat sailing! – Central Park is an excellent sunbathing destination.

The High Line offers sun seekers another great place to soak up rays. Converted from an abandoned railway track, the High Line provides an exciting tan experience complemented by incredible city views from its benches and lounging areas – not forgetting its idyllic locale!

For those seeking greater privacy, NYC boasts several indoor tanning salons offering UV beds and spray tans. One popular tanning salon is Beach Bum Tanning, with multiple locations across NYC. Their team specializes in UV and sunless tanning packages, while their staff knows how to create natural-looking tans so you won’t end up like Ross Geller!

These salons specialize in tanning and offer many other services, including manicures and pedicures, waxing, facial skin care services, and hair treatments like deep conditioning or coloring for deep training and color conditioning; some offer bridal packages. Conveniently located near major transportation hubs like Times Square/42nd Street Station, Herald Square, or Port Authority Bus Terminal makes these salons easy to visit!

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