How to begin Your Day Trading Business Component 1

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Rule 1: Possess a strategy that you trust

I am Rick Meadows, and I feel excited to help you achieve your financial dreams by being a highly skilled and disciplined time trader. Before we begin, let me thank you for taking the time to read this free article.

The number of times you have purchased something you were sure would allow you to achieve your dreams, plus it only collected dust they offer? I don’t believe that expertise is power, as the outdated saying would have you believe. I believe that knowledge coupled with motion is true power, so I will make a deal with you right here and from now on. I promise to convey as much wisdom as possible in these short articles. Nevertheless, you must promise to read everyone, take notes, and process to become the next great dealer.

Before you continue, think about it. Will you be 100% committed to making a beneficial difference in your life starting at the moment? If not, feel free to revisit and read this another period when you know you can agree to a prosperous and fun lifestyle.

If you are still reading, you make a quality decision, and when high-quality decisions are made, the idea leads to a high-quality life.

The first golden rule to achieve trading success is to have a strategy you have confidence in. This strategy that you trust have to has these characteristics:

1) it must work over time
2) it has to be simple to analyze along with implement
3) it must accommodate your style and personality.

Let’s take a look at these one at a time.

1) Your strategy must job over time: One thing I can ensure in this world is that markets are generally volatile. In other words, markets usually provide enough movement for traders to make money. That said, your system must be flexible to function when the market is going up or maybe down as volatility enhances.

2) Market environments can change from hyper-volatile to reduce volatility or acquiring trends to selling tendencies. There are many variables in the market. The trader that will win out and about over time is the trader that features a consistent approach to how the industry invests and will create minor changes to offset the marketplace variables.

My trading strategy concentrates on pivot points to provide a predominant trend within security. There are many methods to determine pivot factors. I use Camarilla Pivot Factors because they have worked much better than other calculations. Once the tendency has been established, you need to await reversion within that tendency to enter the trade. Reversion is the process of an organized pullback within the trend. However, it does not make enough motion to change the trend from purchase to sell or vice versa.

This tactic has worked for me for over ten years. In that decade, we have observed bull runs and endured markets, hyper volatility, and quiet periods. However, day after day, week after seven days, and year after year, this strategy has consistently provided earnings for me, and it can help you too.

2) The strategy needs to be simple to analyze and apply: No matter what, your time frame is perfect for trading, be it hyper scalper, longer-term intra-day trader, or swing trading.

These niche categories are fast-moving, and sometimes a while makes all the difference between being profitable or missing the deal. When you learn a methodology, you should be able to process the information quickly, decipher if you wish to take the deal or not, and, if so, with the proper price to make your entry. Speed is essential with this business; the longer it will require you to make your entries, the harder you will let emotion throughout.

Let’s take a hypothetical condition: you notice that XYZ could be making a good setup, one does the analysis, which goes a few minutes, and by the time anyone enters the order, the commodity has already gone in your favor by simply 30 cents. Now, what does one do? Do you chase? Now, please wait for it to come back to your proper level. What if the idea keeps going up? My dread here is that when

the next deal comes up, you will act prematurely and, out of the fear of missing out on the next big move, have a poor entry which will eliminate the problem. Regarding speed, Write-up 2 is about choosing the appropriate platform that directly deals with execution speed. Therefore being able to analyze your graphs quickly and effectively is essential, and therefore, you must have a methodology that lets you do this analysis in a timely fashion

3) The third key to having a technique you trust is to possess a strategy that genuinely suits your personality and general goals. If you are a person that is happy with small profits yet more minor losses, then you might want to be more of a scalper. If you could live with some pain and know that your overall upside will be more significant, then perhaps an extended-term intra-day strategy works best for you. But if you can’t stand discomfort, you cannot have a technique that allows much more downside than you are

more comfortable with. In other words, understanding how much will help you understand the time frame you desire to trade in. Me, I love to hold positions from excellent levels for as long as the trend remains intact. Therefore, most trades last from half an hour to 4 hours. I understand that I can live with a bit more downside if I know that the actual payoff is coming on the other side. Furthermore, I like to have a lot of lucidities when I trade, which means that We would like a methodology that will help me for you to discern the trend quickly and easily. Pivot Points allow me to do this. Thus I have adopted them straight into my overall strategy.

And so remember, to build a strategy that you trust, which will lead to far more profits, you must 1) Make a strategy that can work after some time, 2) the strategy needs to be simple to analyze and carry out so you can capitalize on many your ideas and 3) typically the strategy has to fit in with your personality. You will constantly battle on your own as you trade if there is conflict.

Thank you for studying article 1 in this number-of-part series.

Rick Meadows.

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