Notre Dame School of Manhattan’s Mr Alaric Lejano – Technology Coordinator


Notre dame school of Manhattan technology coordinator Alaric Lejano assisted students during the COVID-19 pandemic by helping them navigate its unique challenges of remote learning and engaging online education experience for their students. Working alongside their teachers, Alaric ensured a successful online venture for everyone.

Lejano also dedicates himself to providing teachers with knowledge of new tech tools and hardware. He has spearheaded many tech training programs for educators, helping them foster an engaging classroom atmosphere.

Integrating technology into the curriculum

Notre Dame School of Manhattan stands out in an increasingly digital world as an innovative leader for tech-driven education, thanks mainly to the efforts of its technology coordinator, Mr. Alaric Lejano, who has championed digital innovation by managing software applications and troubleshooting hardware issues – providing students and teachers alike with a comprehensive approach for adopting this powerful learning tool.

The school utilizes various online platforms to promote digital literacy and make learning more interactive, such as smart boards and displays designed to make lessons engaging for students. Furthermore, robust cybersecurity measures and training on responsible internet use help ensure that children can safely utilize the web while developing the necessary skills needed to thrive in today’s tech-dominated society.

As well as integrating technological tools into their curriculum, the school also fosters creativity and collaboration. Students have opportunities to work on multimedia projects, which allow them to express their creative talents while exploring new ideas. Working on multimedia projects will enable them to enhance technical skills as well as communication with their peers; additionally, students can work together with students from other schools around the globe on assignments or projects through the online platforms provided.

Notre Dame School’s secondary goal is to foster inclusivity through technology. They aim to ensure every student can access quality education regardless of economic status or location; this is accomplished with flexible programming and evaluation systems that allow instructors to recognize each child’s assets and weaknesses so they can tailor guidance specifically toward meeting those needs.

Notre Dame School has taken an innovative approach to education by integrating various technologies into its curriculum in order to prepare its students for success in today’s global society. As a result, academic performance has seen an upsurge, and Notre Dame School has become one of the premier schools in America. Notre Dame’s dedicated faculty and staff work hard at nurturing students’ development while equipping them with all of the knowledge and abilities needed for future success.

Embracing digital innovation

Digital innovation is vital to schools staying relevant in today’s modern world, helping students learn and stay engaged by providing access to a range of resources and tools. Technology also fosters creativity and collaboration while teaching responsible use. Schools such as Notre Dame School of Manhattan have taken steps to educate their students about online safety and security issues.

Digital innovation has revolutionized classroom learning environments, creating more dynamic and engaging learning environments than ever. However, this can present teachers with unique challenges. At Notre Dame School of Manhattan, however, Mr. Alaric Lejano provides faculty support by overseeing all technology integration seamlessly into their curriculum; from computer systems management to professional development opportunities, he is passionate about harnessing digital technologies for educational purposes.

Alaric Lejano has also played an essential role in keeping Notre Dame School of Manhattan at the cutting edge of education. He has demonstrated a dedication to strengthening Notre Dame School’s technological infrastructure by regularly attending tech training programs; in addition to this, he has helped facilitate the implementation of new hardware and software as well as establish its online presence with Search Engine Optimization best practices (SEO).

Additionally, he has made it his goal to increase access to digital technology for underrepresented groups. Working alongside other leaders, he works towards providing equal access to university resources for students at HBCUs and HSIs – this goal is particularly vital given that digital equity in higher education remains worrisome.

Dean Thomas Hecht’s vision for NYU Tandon is to establish it as a national leader in urban science and technology. To reach this goal, he must inspire internal community members while rallying external champions. Furthermore, he must utilize global networks, public-private partnerships in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and school partnerships as means of creating an ecosystem that attracts talent while making NYU Tandon an industry partner of choice.

Providing a safe and secure online learning environment

Protecting students is crucial to their academic success. With technology rapidly progressing, schools must equip their students to navigate this digital environment effectively through high-quality education and tools. Notre Dame School of Manhattan takes an aggressive approach to adopting emerging technologies; thus, they successfully managed the COVID-19 pandemic through remote learning platforms.

The school’s pedagogy aims at encouraging social and emotional development through collaboration, communication, and creativity. This goal is achieved using various programs and platforms that foster digital literacy, such as interactive classroom technologies like smart boards and displays. Furthermore, educational apps and software make learning engaging for students.

Additionally, the school implements stringent cybersecurity measures to ensure all online learning activities are secure. Students also learn about responsible online behavior as part of their education – this enables them to be more confident with using technology for academic advancement.

Notre Dame School of Manhattan equips its students with a digital world by integrating technology into the curriculum and encouraging students to take ownership of their learning and develop the necessary skills for being leaders in today’s digital environment.

The school’s commitment to digital literacy can also be seen through its variety of extracurricular activities. From musicals to book clubs, its students have numerous ways of exploring outside the traditional classroom setting and becoming well-rounded individuals. Notre Dame Book Club allows for interaction amongst peers as they discuss selected texts; alternatively, ND Band and Chez Nous Steppers will enable them to express themselves creatively within school communities while adding meaning, purpose, and connections beyond mere entertainment!

Fostering creativity and collaboration

Notre Dame School of Manhattan recognizes the significance of learning how to utilize technology in modern society, which is why Notre Dame integrates tech into its curriculum, giving students a unique chance to develop critical thinking skills and explore their creative side through multimedia projects and online collaboration platforms. Students build confidence in communicating effectively and solving problems through these programs.

Not only does the school educate its students about technology, but it also fosters responsible digital citizenship and promotes positive online behavior – essential elements of development as well as personal information protection. Rrigrigal cybersecurity measures were implemented across its network, and training was provided to its pupils for safe internet usage.

This school’s dedication to technological excellence has earned it an outstanding reputation, while its innovative approach to education is helping students thrive in an age where technology permeates virtually every profession. Furthermore, innovation can even bridge educational gaps by giving underprivileged children access to quality instruction they may otherwise not receive.

Notre Dame provides its students with an engaging learning environment that fosters creativity and collaboration while being safe and secure for optimum academic achievement. By integrating technology into its curriculum, Notre Dame empowers its pupils to use their creative thinking to solve real-life challenges creatively. By building computer science into its curriculum, they develop valuable career skills that they will carry through. Notre Dame also fosters creativity and collaboration by offering safe and secure learning conditions that support creative problem-solving abilities and encourage creativity and innovation in students.

Notre Dame provides its students with access to eleven Advanced Placement (AP) courses, seven years of foreign language study, and four years of art study, in addition to many college preparatory and elective offerings. Furthermore, regular spiritual retreats and monthly Catholic Mass services, as well as many athletic opportunities, are offered here.

At our school, there is a range of student clubs and activities, such as Book Club, Chez Nous Steppers, Building Bridges, Liturgy Club, and Yearbook. Chez Nous Steppers is an African-inspired dance troupe performing routines as part of the Building Bridges Liturgy Club Yearbook Year. Their membership embraces people of all identities.

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