No Math School Trip Ep 1 Eng Sub


1. Lee Yong Jin

Lee Yong Jin is one of Korea’s finest comedians and is also well-recognized for his acting skills, appearing in various Korean films and dramas, including Return (recently received much acclaim).

Recently, the cast of ‘1 Night, 2 Days’ shot a special episode with comedian Lee Yong Jin! He will join Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Min, and Defconn Yoon Dong Gu (Yoon Si Yoon), and others as their first intern!

On this show, the cast interviews celebrities and makes fun of them from start to finish – something which makes the program immensely popular! This makes this program such an entertaining spectacle!

Recently, SBS released a short preview clip featuring TWICE that quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and showing just how excited fans were about seeing her appear on their show! Stay tuned for further updates about this episode; it will air this Saturday on SBS!

2. Yang Se Chan

Yang Se Chan is one of the youngest members of Running Man and often makes other cast members laugh with his humor and catchphrase “Kkang-Kkang.” Jongkook often turns his attention toward this member for their humorous antics.

Yang first appeared as a guest on Running Man episodes 321 and 323, where his interaction with the cast left an indelible mark and was widely appreciated; due to this success, he became a regular member starting with episode 346.

He’s known for his humor and energy; both are beloved among audience and cast alike. His wit and charm have taken the show to new heights.

Even as one of the youngest members, he’s never afraid to challenge his fellow team members, trying to win and making audiences laugh along the way. Twice, he was even named “Top 2”, although in one recent episode, his punishment included writing an acknowledgment letter for one donor and taking part in filming an hour early as punishment for having done so.

No Math School Trip is SBS’s latest variety show and has already made waves for its stellar cast – featuring Jo In-sung, Park Sung-wook, Choi Bo Pil, and many more. A trailer has recently been released showcasing some of its greatest moments! Take a look below.

3. Zico

Zico joins the guys this week on “Knowing Brothers” to share his journey from LA Galaxy Academy to FC Cincinnati and how his money has been invested, in addition to discussing travel experiences during trials across Europe.

Zico is a wise and patient leader who values caution over haste in all matters. He often offers wise counsel when Roya and Zed find themselves uncertain or overwhelmed with worry. Zico was once close with Neotopia’s ruler, Hyrum, but was disappointed to see his cruel regime take hold so harshly.

Stay tuned! KOCOWA is now uploading Spanish subtitles faster than ever for “Running Man,” making new episodes available within two days after airing in Korea. Subscribe to KOCOWA on YouTube or click here to stay informed of the latest episodes!

4. Crush

Crush explores an unimaginable tragedy through the personal accounts of American students, off-duty U.S. military personnel, and Korean influencers caught up in its devastating wake on that fateful night. The series uses raw footage to illustrate the terrifying events and highlight the courage of those who rushed in to save others before themselves. Cast includes Rowan Blanchard, Auli’i Cravalho, Isabella Ferreira, Tyler Alvarez Rico, Paris Addie Weyrich, Teala Dunn, and Michelle Buteau. Written and directed by Kirsten King and Casey Rackham, Produced by Jeremy Garelick, Will Phelps, and Ryan Bennett from American High. Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph for Animal Pictures; Andrew Miano & Britta Rowings from Depth of Field; Katie Newman & Mickey Liddell of LD Entertainment are also involved.

6. Choi Jung Hoon

Choi Jung Hoon of Jannabi can be seen singing on SBS’ new variety show No Math School Trip on March 23. During his appearance on this episode of No Math School Trip, he expressed his opinion of K-pop boy band EXO member D.O’s appearance, noting that his looks suggest someone reliable yet eccentric – an observation shared with Choi Jung Hoon himself by EXO member D.O himself! On No Math School Trip, Choi Jung Hoon shared what he thinks about K-pop boy band EXO member D.O. looks like someone you could count on no matter what situation arises between moments he appeared. He explained how reliable yet crazy EXO is.

On March 6, the No Math School Trip trailer debuted and quickly generated widespread excitement from viewers, thanks to its cast – especially Choi Bo Pil’s involvement as running man host/producer who now leads production for this simple variety show.

No Math School Trip airs every Wednesday at 11 p.m. KST on SBS. Myasiantv will always have the latest episodes available here, so bookmark this page now!

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