My High School Bully Manhwa Raw


If you’re in search of a manga/manhwa with an exciting plot and stunning artwork, My High School Bully Manga Raw could be an intriguing read for you. A fantasy drama series that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat!

Reality Quest fans can access the latest chapter via MangaRock, MangaZone, and MangaReader – although readers should use caution when accessing such unofficial platforms or apps for reading manga.

The plot

Yure Lee, Kylie Jung, Sue Chae, and Davel Jo are the four worst students at school – known for bullying others and misbehaving in class with the aim of harming other students and teachers, yet sometimes their actions have good reasons. Additionally, this tale shows an aspect of bullying most people don’t recognize: how apathy among adults leads them down an unexpected path of becoming victims themselves.

This series also introduces Sakamoto, an ideal boy genius and everyone’s best friend. Three delinquents named Atsushi, Mario, and Kenken attempt to bully him but fail due to his quick thinking skills and quick-witted quick-thinking. Furthermore, Sakamoto takes such great care with his haircare equipment that it is often brought to school along with him!

The characters

Bullying can have devastating repercussions for high schoolers. It’s tragic to witness and can have lasting repercussions like depression, self-harm, or even suicide, yet this doesn’t need to be the case; there are ways of preventing bullying in schools.

One way to combat bullying is by creating an environment in which all feel secure, which may include setting boundaries and enforcing them when necessary. Another effective method for stopping bullying involves teaching students how to recognize it and report it.

My high school bully manga centers around Yure Lee, Kylie Jung, Sue Chae, and Davel Jo. They represent some of the worst students at their respective high schools, and their misbehavior is often at its worst.

The art

This manga’s art is captivating. With a dark tone that really stands out and characters that are drawn in such a way that makes them both beautiful and disturbing at the same time, its art stands out. Not your typical bullying tale, this manhwa combines elements from multiple genres into something completely new, from its high-stakes intensity reminiscent of gambling manga Kakegurui to brutality usual in many other manhwas on this list, not to mention having an intriguing plot filled with moral gray zones!

This manhwa presents us with a highly different world. In it, there exists an educational correction committee that sends its members out to other schools across the country to fix various bullying issues through any means necessary – using Hongjin High School as an example as it is notorious for breeding delinquents as one such target school for this initiative. MC, one such member from this committee, is sent there specifically as it is known for producing delinquents.

This manhwa features the story of a girl who acts as an evil silent queen, subverting their willful mind with manipulation. While other bullying tales focus on physical violence, this one takes an emotional and psychological approach that is sure to make you cry or feel anxiety simultaneously.

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