Lynn Public Schools Calendar


An academic calendar helps students stay organized with their studies and avoid stress while visiting focused. Furthermore, parents can plan for the next school year using this calendar.

The on-site portion of this review took place between May 12-13 and June 1-4, 2010. This included interviews with school leaders, classroom observations, teacher and parent focus groups, and teacher/parent facilitated focus groups.


The Lynn Public Schools Calendar provides students with an invaluable way to stay on top of school events and activities, such as holidays, breaks, and activities. Furthermore, it can help both students and parents plan vacations effectively so that they can escape their busy school lives for some leisure time with loved ones.

Lynn public schools’ calendar is determined by the state government’s official holiday list and may change depending on when this list is released each year. This may include federal, national, local, and cultural holidays – these days do not qualify as academic workdays, and therefore, schools close them on these days.

Keep a calendar handy to stay on top of academic work activities and plan for school vacations accordingly. Don’t miss out on any exciting and enjoyable moments during your break by neglecting to consult the Lynn Public Schools Calendar regularly – it will keep you ahead of the game!


Lynn is one of Massachusetts’s most diverse cities, and its schools reflect this diversity. Lynn boasts an excellent public school system, offering a broad selection of educational opportunities. Additionally, there are a number of after-school and summer programs that help keep students on track academically while simultaneously improving overall well-being.

City schools commemorate holidays through various means. Some celebrations may be religious-based, while others can focus on culture or geography. Holidays provide significant planning opportunities as well as a chance for students to spend time with their families and make memories together.

This page details Lynn Public Schools holiday dates for 2022-2023. Please check with the official calendar for additional details, or download one from here. Having this school calendar on hand can help manage academic work activities more efficiently as well as simplify family travel plans – saving both time and money while making sure vacationers get maximum enjoyment out of their vacation and preventing inconvenience caused by school closures.


The Lynn Public School Calendar is an invaluable tool for students. It details all activities taking place throughout the academic year – such as vacations and breaks – which helps manage schedules more effectively while giving more free time for socializing with family and friends.

The 2023 Lynn Public Schools academic session is set to start in January. On this page, you can find a list of significant holiday dates. However, please consult directly with your school district for any modifications that may occur in terms of holidays and holiday dates.

Lynn School Calendars are invaluable tools for students, teachers, and parents. It contains holiday and break schedules as well as teacher preparation days and professional development days for both teacher preparation days and professional development days. In addition to the school calendar itself, other resources and information on the Lynn website will help students better comprehend the educational process as well as ways to prepare for it effectively; additionally, after-school programs in Lynn may assist them to stay on top of their studies.


Lynn Public School District offers an outstanding educational system that equips its students for success in college, work, and life. In addition, after-school programs and summer opportunities for students are provided. Parents should familiarize themselves with their child’s attendance policy in order to ensure consistent class attendance; students should know how to document absences. When absenteeism occurs, parent or guardian notification of absence and a brief explanation as soon as possible should be sent directly to the school in writing along with phone numbers of both parties as this allows verification by their teachers or registrar.

The school enforces a stringent attendance policy, which requires students to remain in class throughout their entire school day unless an emergency arises. Parents may be asked to provide home, work, and other emergency telephone numbers. Students who miss class due to an excused absence will need to make up any missed work when returning. Vacation plans that disrupt this schedule should also be avoided so as not to miss vital instruction and assignments.

Janet Birchenough serves as the district’s Chief Diversity Officer, managing a variety of district-wide diversity initiatives. As an expert witness in their school desegregation case, her testimony relied upon direct observations, interviews with educators, and visits to local schools.

In 1977, the state challenged Lynn’s school district over its racial imbalance in its schools and assignment policies that seemed incredibly unfair; for example, one elementary school (Washington Community School “Washington”) boasted a minority concentration rate of 57.28% while overall Lynn district only comprised 9 percent minority students.

Lynn sought to address its schools’ racial imbalance through an amended transfer plan approved by the state, which allowed students to attend neighborhood schools first before considering other schools if their transfers improved or didn’t adversely affect racial balance in these transfers.

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