Rainier Days in the Park 2023


Ten years ago, Rainier Beer’s iconic “R” was restored to its perch atop their old brewery in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. To commemorate this milestone event, R-Day returns for its 10th anniversary with an eclectic lineup, including Northwest hard rock favorites Red Fang as co-headliners, Parisalexa as an R&B beat master, and Larry Mizell Jr. from KEXP radio’s afternoon groove anchor show as headline acts.


Winter may bring raindrops galore, but you might be surprised to learn there are actually several dry weekends during these months! If you plan on visiting a park during this season, bring along an umbrella and rain boots – when the sun appears, you will thank yourself!

One of the most incredible things about going to parks during wintertime is that very few attractions close due to the weather. Most rides will remain open even during a downpour because most visitors flee for shelter as soon as it starts raining, which helps lower attendance levels and shorten lines on bigger rides! You’ll also find most indoor shops and restaurants open. Outdoor Star Wars shows and Jedi Training may close temporarily due to rain; Slinky Dog Dash may close during severe rainfall conditions.

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