Rum Island Springs County Park


Rum Island Springs County Park provides access to both the beautiful Santa Fe River and freshwater Rum Island Spring, offering visitors free swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and sunning opportunities.

Columbia County Board members are exploring charging admission and establishing new rules when Rum Island Park reopens this spring. In addition, annual passes could be offered to residents who would need to display a decal on their vehicle at all times.

Free Entry

Rum Island Springs County Park in Florida’s natural springs is a must-visit destination, especially when traveling through. Here, you can enjoy swimming or snorkeling in its crystal-clear waters, and its serene surroundings provide visitors with an oasis of peace from everyday stressors. With only a $5 parking fee needed to access this hidden gem!

Rum Island Spring, situated along the Santa Fe River, provides an enchanting natural setting. Its crystal-clear water is an inviting sight for swimmers and snorkelers and is surrounded by lush parklands and wildlife, making it popular among swimmers, snorkelers, and picnickers. Plus, there are even restrooms and a boat ramp in this park!

Park’s free entry policy offers locals an incentive to relax near its spring. Still, many don’t realize its fragile ecosystem requires the efforts of local organizations and authorities to maintain it. So, if you plan on visiting this beautiful natural treasure, be sure to comply with any rules or regulations in order to preserve and maintain its condition.

Apart from its unique springs, the park also provides other amenities. Picnicking or relaxing along its wide grassy area along the Santa Fe River is among them, while fish, turtles, and birds inhabit its environs – making this an aesthetically pleasing place in which to be found. It is one of the most picturesque places around!

County Commissioners recently met in a workshop to review proposed fees for the park. Proposals that caused controversy included charging for fishing-related activities, while others called for tighter hours restrictions.

The County Commissioners likewise agreed on the need for rules to protect taxpayer investment in the park, setting an opening and closing timetable, but did not support a proposal restricting how many visitors may enter it at one time.

Large Shallow Area

Rum Island Springs provides plenty of shallow areas where you can relax and take pleasure in its warm waters, providing ample opportunity for swimming, snorkeling, and canoeing on the Santa Fe River. Plus, there are picnic tables and porta potties at this park, perfect for family adventures!

Rum Island County Park boasts another advantage of being near other natural springs, like Gilchrist Blue Springs and Poe Springs, both beautiful natural wonders in their own right that owe their condition to local organizations and authorities’ efforts to protect them from pollution and overcrowding. Therefore, all visitors to Rum Island must respect these natural treasures by adhering to any rules set by officials pertaining to these wild waters.

The Santa Fe River Park offers the ideal place to take the whole family for a swim or to spend quiet time alone on its shores; fishing, canoeing, and kayaking can also be done here, plus there is also a cypress tree forest and natural cave system nearby as well as numerous trails leading directly to various natural springs within its boundaries.

Rum Island Springs in Florida provides an ideal family outing, providing activities suitable for people of all ages. It features clear waters and an idyllic environment perfect for snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking; picnic tables are provided, as well as porta-potties – admission is entirely free!

Rum Island Springs near Gainesville, Florida, offers a beautiful natural green space home to an abundance of wildlife – such as black bears and Florida panthers – perfect for camping, hiking, swimming, and snorkeling activities, as well as wildlife watching. Situated on the Santa Fe River, this area makes an excellent camping site, hiking trail, and swimming spot. Furthermore, it is home to multiple bird species, making this an ideal location to observe wildlife up close.

Clean Porta Potties

The bathrooms at the county park are clean and provide plenty of room. There is also plenty of shade and picnic areas, making this an excellent location for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. Visitors will especially love this natural setting with clear spring water that has a greenish hue due to Hydrilla blooming all around it – ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking activities!

Rum Island State Park, also known as Silver Springs State Park and offering free entry and ample parking, is a favorite among both Florida locals and visitors. Situated close to Gainesville, where the University of Florida resides. There are also restaurants and museums within reach – this state park was one of the original tourist spots when it was first created.

The reopening of the park marks the launch of a $300,000 riverbank restoration project funded by grants from Suwannee River Water Management District grants and legislative appropriations funds, expected to last approximately four months.

Rum Island is open from sunrise to sunset and offers access to the Santa Fe River for paddling (canoes and kayaks), swimming, fishing, and picnicking. A $5 car fee applies for nonresidents, while annual passes are available to residents.

Rum Island derives its exotic, romantic name from illicit moonshine stills that were hidden there during the early 1900s. Now, however, the park serves as a beautiful slice of North Florida life, featuring picnic tables under tree shade with plenty of room along the Santa Fe River for relaxation – Rum Island will remain in people’s memories as an experience to cherish!

Natural Spring

Rum Island Springs County Park is an exquisite natural spring with endless recreational possibilities, offering affordable $5 parking fees and various amenities that cater to visitors of all kinds. With crystal-clear waters beckoning swimmers and snorkelers alike and serene surroundings providing the ideal place for relaxation – it makes an excellent spot for scenic swims as well as educational snorkeling adventures alike! Don’t miss this gem of natural beauty.

This spring is situated along the Santa Fe River and fed by a cypress tree forest and cave system, producing stunningly blue water that contrasts beautifully with the slightly tannic river waters. The spring pool features a sandy bottom covered in dense mats of hydrilla, perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and diving adventures!

This park features picnic tables and portable bathrooms for an enjoyable, family-oriented day at the water. Situated along the Santa Fe River, its convenient location makes it an excellent launching pad for kayak trips along its length; for something a bit more adventurous, try paddling to Gilchrist Big Blue Spring nearby.

Swimming and snorkeling are just two recreational options offered by the park’s natural beauty, however. You can explore its flora and fauna or hike nearby hiking trails or historic sites; it is also home to barred owls, ibis, and ospreys!

Bring a picnic lunch when visiting the park! There are various picnic areas, and BBQ pits dotted across the landscape for you to find an ideal spot to enjoy your meal or purchase food and drinks at one of the nearby cafes.

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