South Park Bongs


Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s animated show has long been celebrated for its ability to poke fun at all manner of topics, with cannabis use often featured as one of those topics. Marijuana-themed episodes often involve hilarious stoner characters with memorable catchphrases.

Towelie, an anthropomorphic towel beloved among stoners for his iconic catchphrase of “Wanna get high?” has become a beloved stoner icon. He can often be found smoking out of a bong.

Cartman Bong

Empire Glassworks presents this deluxe ceramic bong of the South Park character Cartman as the focal point. Carved to look just like him from his beloved television show, it features a small bowl, diffused downstem, and airflow control valve for smooth hits. Crafted of thick 7mm glass for durability, its hand-painted designs add a personal touch. Whether or not you follow South Park closely, this hand pipe will certainly please fans of both. “Come down to South Park and have yourself a time!” – Cartman

Unfortunate Child Ceramic Bong

This adorable ceramic bong featuring Cartman from South Park makes a lovely addition to any fan’s collection and even comes equipped with a removable down stem and bowl for easier cleaning! Plus, its ceramic material ensures plenty of use!

The Unfortunate Child ceramic bong is an excellent way to show your enthusiasm for the show and will surely impress any fellow smokers! Featuring an easy inhale design with a wide mouthpiece and tasty hits smokable anytime! Plus, its fun design will put a smile on any smoker’s face every time they use it!

Liam Kaczmar operates as a one-man shop in San Francisco that produces affordable versions of high-end bongs typically found at high-end boutiques. His company, Summerland, strives to normalize weed smoking among those unfamiliar with it due to the associated stigmas.

Crafting the ideal bong is no simple task; there are numerous considerations. The primary goal should be ensuring the pipe does not become dirty or contain too much water – particularly important if sharing their bong with others. Cleaning after every use is also recommended to help keep its appearance and smell intact.

Simon Grigenas of the University of Alberta has designed an innovative ceramic bong that stands out from its competition by being more practical. His BRNT Designs bongs are constructed of ceramic-glass blend and can be placed in both dishwasher and freezer-safe; additionally, they make for easier cleanup with added cooling effects from using ice as part of their makeup.

Towelie Bong

Towelie knows all too well how vital relaxation and getting high are for having fun, which makes this unique Towelie bong an excellent way to add some psychedelic flair to your collection of cannabis products. Crafted by Della Luna Glass from Phoenix, this 6″ dab rig features Towelie sitting comfortably on his green chair with eyes closed as though he has been through an exhausting week – complete with a 10mm male banger so you can pack in some big hits whenever necessary.

Bongs may require extra work when it comes to cleaning, but for those willing to put forth the effort and enjoy smoking your herb responsibly, bongs can be an effective and economical method of enjoying cannabis. Furthermore, bongs often offer greater personalization compared to other forms of consumption, such as vape pens or edibles.

But while vape pens and edibles may have heralded the dawn of modern cannabis use, bongs remain an integral component. Indeed, iconic images of bong use – from Pineapple Express to late-20th century frat-boy screen odes — likely won’t fade from our collective memory anytime soon. But for now, you can bring some South Park magic to your herb sessions with Kidrobot’s Towelie bong, which features colorful hand-paint designs along with its mouthpiece – packaged inside double-walled boxes along with protective sleeves featuring Cartman Stan Kenny and Kyle characters!

Cartman Metal Pipe

This high-quality beaker bong from South Park will delight any fan. Crafted with threaded joints to make disassembly and cleaning more accessible, as well as featuring Cartman himself on its faceplate. A diffused down stem provides comprehensive smoke filtration, while adding ice will further smoothen your hits!

Eric Cartman stands as South Park’s most tragic character, as a fat, racist fourth grader who prioritizes himself over others’ needs and puts himself first. A sociopath, Eric will eventually find himself alone and unloved, an individual with no empathy or compassion towards anyone but themselves.

Bring Cartman along on every adventure with this South Park mug! This sculpted portrait of Cartman features his trademark negotiation phrase as well as a lid equipped with a hinged carrying handle and spout seal – perfect for sipping coffee during the morning commute or while watching South Park episodes!

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