The Best Season of Alone


Choosing just one as the ultimate favorite can be challenging with so many Alone seasons. But some certainly stand out.

Season 2 brought contestants ready to accept the challenge posed by this show; Mike Lowe stood out as an example with his ingenuity and resourcefulness, impressing audiences throughout.

1. Season 9

Alone’s ninth season placed 10 participants in remote locations and challenged them to survive as long as possible, building shelters, foraging food sources, and fighting off potential predators.

While all the contestants in Season 13 were strong, one person stood out: Mike Lowe. This high school teacher quickly became a crowd favorite due to his fantastic survivalist skills – such as making his fishing rod from sticks and fishing lines and creating fire in remote places! Mike is known as one of the actual survivors. He proved this by hunting effectively and making fire for warmth when necessary in the wilderness.

One aspect of the season that made it less than ideal was the addition of team members. This marked an unexpected shift from its usual format of pitting one person against another for $500,000. Team membership lessened the tension and excitement of the show, taking away from its potential thrill.

Though imperfect, this season was still enjoyable due to its return to its original format and challenging location, and with Woniya as an exceptional female contestant who used her spiritual strength to stay strong throughout 76 days in wilderness terrain.

The series has gradually transformed into an intense and dramatic experience throughout its run. Season 7 saw producers add an intriguing twist by introducing two participants at once into each pair; their goal was to see if these groups could stay together and survive 100 days in the wilderness. Although this added an exciting dynamic to the show, its overall success wasn’t as significant due to this new format being more like Survivorman than other seasons; additionally, it removed much of what makes The series special while taking away some of its unique qualities (fishing is one of its hallmarks) while taking away some unique aspects as well as watching people fish – both key components that add excitement while simultaneously decreasing stakes regarding survival of contestants participating on this series.

2. Season 10

Alone allows contestants to push themselves beyond their limits and hone their survival skills. While every reason for participating may differ, the aim is always the same – outlasting other contestants to become the ultimate survivor. Each season brings new drama and suspense, but some seasons stand out more than others due to successful execution.

Alone’s inaugural season was an outstanding demonstration of what this show can accomplish when executed properly. Contestants were placed randomly throughout Vancouver Island and left solely dependent on themselves for survival – making it one of the most riveting seasons ever seen on this series, featuring many memorable contestants like Alan Kay, who managed to last 50 days or longer on screen!

Alone, season two may have been slower-paced than its predecessor, yet still delivered some captivating survival moments. Contestants were placed into remote wilderness locations and required only ten items and camera gear to self-document their experience. Fans also became attached to specific individuals, such as Roland (an ex-military man with impressive physical strength and survival skills) and Callie, one of Alone’s more positive and encouraging competitors.

Although Season 3 of Alone was one of the best, there’s no denying it wasn’t perfect. Producers attempted to change the fish-catching aspect by giving contestants lures on barbless hooks instead of bait, removing much of its intrigue and leaving many contestants struggling to locate food sources in a harsh wilderness environment. Still, Clay Hayes stood out among these compelling contestants, being the only person ever in Alone history who won twice! His dedication and mental toughness deserve respect.

3. Season 11

An outstanding season of Alone showcases contestants’ exceptional survival skills while showing resilience and determination against elements, resources, and their mental battles. While many seasons have done this well, one is especially remarkable.

Season 7 of Alone was genuinely memorable, taking place in Canada’s Great Slave Lake region and featuring some remarkable contestants, with Roland setting a record by outliving everyone on Alone for over 100 days despite harsh conditions, food sources being intermittent, health concerns and staying indoors most of his stay; only leaving when necessary to hunt or fish for food.

Another remarkable winner, Carleigh, survived for an astounding 86 days on the show before she had to be medically evacuated due to exhaustion. Utilizing her knowledge and determination in pushing through difficult moments, Carleigh proved herself to be an exceptional competitor and a caring individual.

Though the ninth season of Alone was impressive, some viewers may have found it too risky for their tastes. Notably, this season marked the first time Alone allowed women contestants, and many contestants experienced difficulty adapting to competing conditions.

Teimojin Tan was the stand-out performer in Season 13; his ingenuity and creativity saw him create a sink, boat, and even football game! Additionally, his wilderness skills made him an excellent competitor; viewers appreciated his longevity throughout the competition, making Season 13 one to remember!

4. Season 12

Alone takes an unusual approach to reality TV competition by pitting individuals against nature. Each season features ten individuals dropped into an isolated wilderness location where their survival skills must be tested to stay alive as long as possible – the one who outlives everyone will receive the grand prize of $1 Million!

While not every season of Alone has been great, many still showcased its signature grit and ingenuity that made it so successful. Season one was awe-inspiring, featuring memorable contestants that kept audiences wanting more.

The second season was notable because women were allowed to compete. Jose Martinez Amoedo made headlines for building and using a kayak for fishing on Lake Mead, impressing viewers with his skill. Unfortunately, Amoedo didn’t reach the finish line but left an impactful legacy behind.

Season 3 also proved thrilling for viewers, taking participants to Patagonia and testing them with new environments and conditions. Zachary Fowler emerged victorious – lasting 87 days before medical evacuation was necessary – while Carleigh Fairchild also showed tremendous courage.

But the best season of Alone was likely season 5. This marked the first time the show tried something different, pairing contestants against each other instead of against other pairs. Jim and Ted made audiences laugh with their humor, while duos such as Dan and Eric utilized their close relationships to outlast the competition.

Though this season may appear less lavish compared to later episodes, it still captures the spirit of the show: simple shelters built by contestants feel difficult from start to finish, and Alan Kay lost an impressive 60 pounds while participating.

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