The best way to Set Up and Host Your current Domains

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Once you have successfully gained an expired domain public auction and that domain has been introduced (or “transferred”) to your account, the first thing you should do is punch privacy protection on the website.

There are two main reasons to achieve this: First, some argue that looking into making your domain private can help protect the domain from losing its PR. The idea is that Google will not understand that the domain has changed hands and fingers and re-evaluate the home page’s PR or drop the item altogether.

However, this idea is speculative at best, and many argue this is not true.

But regardless, the main reason you must make the domain private should be to PROTECT your blog network. You wish as little information possible in existence about the blogs you own with your network, and having data security installed on all your blog multilevel blogs is essential.

Depending on the area registrar, you can pay whatever from a couple of dollars, about nine or ten cash, for this service, and you should aim to pay for privacy protection asap after the domain has been copied to you.

With GoDaddy, you might need to navigate to the domain with your account manager and click the option that says “Add Privacy.” With some domain registrars (like Dynadot), you may be limited in the kind of privacy protection may buy (Dynadot only allows partial privacy), so you may want to look into a domain registrar’s policies about this before purchasing the expired domain from them.

2) Hosting Your Private Site Network

One of the most important regions of your blog network will be a diverse C-Class IP address for the sites in your multilevel. There are multiple reasons you ought to do this, but one of the most critical ones is to help protect your network.

Suppose the personal blogs in your network have assorted IP addresses, unique nameservers, and privacy protection. In that case, it will be much harder for one entire network to be found or sabotaged.

The second important motive you want diverse C-Class IP addresses is that they will make your page network more robust. Receiving many links from the same Internet protocol address loses their effectiveness. Consequently, to harness the full benefits of the aged domains you are purchasing, you want each of them to help ideally have their Internet protocol address.

Many companies offer “SEO hosting,” although the quality of their services can vary. Some people avoid SEO hosting because they assume such companies may be aimed at Google. I have certainly not had any problems at this point, but I do spread my hosting network out concerning multiple hosting providers (as well as taking the methods above) to be on the safe side. Furthermore, by varying the contents I use, I ensure I also get some geographical diversity. Several companies may offer you diverse IP addresses, but each IP address is still positioned in the same city or express.

The significant advantage of using these organizations is getting different C-Class IP addresses for $2 a month or less. But since I said, not all suppliers are reliable. I suggest you check out some online forums regarding reviews of the different suppliers (for example, TrafficPlanet includes a subforum at traffic planet. com/forum/24-hosting).

I will mention a few of the organizations I use:

1) ASeoHosting

This is the first SEO-type WebHost I tried, and it continues to be one of my favorites about uptime and customer service. They are a bit more expensive than several of the cheaper providers listed below. Still, they also allow you to create add-on fields and give you more space in addition to bandwidth than many other corporations. You can also bring the domains yourself because you need them, which is lovely.

5 Class IPs with 20 GB of living space and 200 GB connected with bandwidth run $23. 70 monthly at ASeoHosting. That breaks down to $4. 70 per IP.

2) Indians

I’ve used Indians for longer than a year, and their service is perhaps affordable. It is also relatively trusted, although you may want to use an uptime service to monitor one or more of your domains. Because of the limited bandwidth, I have had complications with a few domains containing many pages or readers every month.

Indians are suitable for small satellite sites but not to get more significant sites. Indians don’t allow add-on domains often, and you will have to email these phones and request them to add virtually any domains to your account – the industry’s minor hassle.

Their cost is cheap: $10/month or $100/year for 5 IP addresses. However, you only get 5 GIG of space and a few GB of bandwidth. This breaks explicitly down to $2 or perhaps less per IP address.

3) SwitchSEO

I’ve just started using SwitchSEO, so I can’t give you a long-term report on how well it works. But to date, all is good. They have good customer support, and the prices are comparable to Indians – but you get extra bandwidth.

The price is $1. 99/month per C One more option for those who use HostGator is Hostgator’s seo hosting services: SEO Hosting. I haven’t used this service personally, but I use Hostgator for other hosting requirements, and I have always located them to be entirely trustworthy. Their SEO hosting program is not the cheapest, but I would picture it as reliable.

SEO hosting. Com charges $7/IP regarding 5 C Class IPs. You will get 20 GB of disk space and two hundred GB of bandwidth.

For many who want to avoid using SEO hosting suppliers altogether, you may consider merely getting a regular hosting consideration through BlueHost or a related hosting provider. You can frequently get regular hosting for as low as $5/month from BlueHost and similar providers. If you move this route, you will likely have many more hosting accounts you need to handle, so you should utilize a spreadsheet to track them!

3) Create and Set Up Special Name Servers For Your Website

If you already have domain experience, you should know how to set up name servers. Still, for your blog network, the method is a little more complicated, as you will want to create special name servers for each website.

For example, when using a regular internet hosting account, you will likely be given label servers like ns53. Domain control. Com and ns54. Domain control. Com for your hosting consideration.

However, we want to create new name hosts for each of our accounts. In this, I generally have the label servers be similar to the domain itself. For example, for epics. Com, I would usually utilize something like ns1. Epics. Com and ns2. Epics. com.

Unfortunately, each domain deliberately works a little differently.

Nevertheless, the general process is usually comparable.

For example, I’m going to produce some new name machines for my website with this guide ( blognetworkbasics. com ). I purchased this particular domain from Namecheap. Com, so that is where I will need to go to create my brand-new name servers.

After signing in and selecting your own domain name from your account web page, you will need to go to the page called “Nameserver Registration.”

There is a hyperlink low on the left-hand line that you will click to go to this site under “Advanced Options”:

Whenever you click the “Nameserver Registration” switch, you will be taken to a new web page, and there you will see that they will have already suggested brand new name servers for you, depending on your domain name.

As you can see, they already have suggested I use ns1. blognetworkbasics. Com, ns2. blognetworkbasics. Com and so forth. You then input the actual IP address for my web hosting account into two of the actual boxes to the right as well as click the “Add Nameservers” switch at the bottom.

Next, you will need to input your new nameserver addresses. This is how you will do it at Namecheap. Com:

That’s it! Usually, it takes a few minutes to several hrs for the new name machines to fully propagate across the internet. You may get error information from your host if you attempt to set up WordPress on your website before this happens. If so, try to be patient and try once again in an hour or two.

About instructions on creating brand-new name servers at GoDaddy. Com, you can visit this page:

Assist. GoDaddy. Com/help/668? pc_split_value=4

Understand that you need to know the Internet protocol address of where you will be hosting your domain when creating authentic name servers. So ideally, you will have to host looking forward to your site immediately when it is published.

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