US Business World LLC and JD Coin


US Business World LLC and JD Coin appear to be operating in violation of securities laws. The company details various web services packages as well as passive investment opportunities involving JD Coin – an investment crypto coin being offered at 19 cents an internal value by them and being sold at 19 cents for sale by them at an Idaho hotel address shared with Jhon Banga’s Nampa Inn and Suites; Banga also listed on his LinkedIn profile as a partner at Scenictionary which offers English language courses.

What is the US Business World?

US Business World LLC is an MLM company offering custom web design packages. Their products provide customers with the “freedom to spend time with family” while simultaneously helping them become financially independent. Their website also features free newsletters and marketing materials available online.

MLM companies that offer passive investment opportunities must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A search of their Edgar database revealed that US Business World LLC, Jhon Banga, and Bhupinder Singh had not registered to offer securities; US Business World may therefore be breaking securities law by selling its shitcoins as investment opportunities.

JD Coin (JDC), offered for sale to affiliates by US Business World LLC for 19 cents each, is an insignificant cryptocurrency without any traceability outside its MLM compensation plan.

JDC is powered by Hydrus7, a fourth-generation blockchain that promises to address flaws of earlier blockchains. Unfortunately, Hydrus7 is yet another go-nowhere shitcoin created on top of an MLM ICO pump-and-dump scheme.

Who is the US Business World?

US Business World is a multi-level marketing company offering tailored web service packages to its representatives at affordable rates. Salespersons can earn commissions off sales as well as the purchases made by other affiliates; US Business World gives its representatives the freedom to work remotely while spending quality time with family.

US Business World LLC’s website lists what appear to be three retail product packages at prices ranging from $500 for five pages, $1000 for ten pages, and $2500 for unlimited pages. Each package includes domain name registration and hosting as well as various tools for web development. Based in Idaho, most visitors come from India.

JD Coin, not publicly tradeable and with no value outside US Business World LLC’s MLM business, appears to be at the core of US Business World LLC’s MLM opportunity. Jhon Banga plans on getting it listed on an untrustworthy exchange and creating listing hype that drives up prices, then cashing out and leaving affiliates holding the bag once it crashes back down to zero value.

What is JD Coin?

JD Coin is an investment product offered through US Business World LLC web hosting packages, with three retail packages ranging in price from $500 (five pages) to $2500 (unlimited pages). The company provides details about these offerings on its website.

JD Coins are value-added points that allegedly passively increase in internal value, according to US Business World LLC and Jhon Banga and Bhupinder Singh’s claims. MLM companies that sell passive investments must register with the Securities Exchange Commission; however, according to Edgar database search of SEC’s Edgar database search results from US Business World LLC’s Jhon Banga and Bhupinder Singh are unregistered and operating likely as pyramid schemes with affiliates holding on until an inevitable dump resulting in their bagging JD Coins at near zero value for affiliates and themselves.

Is the US Business World a scam?

US Business World LLC does not appear to be an outright scam on an initial level. Their retail web service packages would not violate any laws; secondary regulatory issues arise with their JD Coin investment packages; though their website is in English, most marketing material is written in Hindi; Alexa shows most visitors are coming from India (74%). JD Coin does not possess intrinsic value beyond being sold MLM-style through MLM opportunities like this; in essence, it’s simply another pump-and-dump scheme where no intrinsic value remains; their ultimate goal will likely see JD Coin being listed onto sketchy exchanges, further inflating value through listing hype.

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