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Dedicated Airline Systems – Each system is specifically tailored to an airline so all data can remain separate and organized in its entirety. Furthermore, reservations run off a single database, which reduces double work and discrepancies.

Company360 allows users to quickly review VIDCOM BUSINESS SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED’s financial reports, ratios, charts, and more for comparison purposes.

EMI Collection

EMI Collection is a debt repayment method that involves making monthly payments towards large purchases like cars or houses over time, such as tax deductions and lower interest rates. The benefits of this form of financing include tax deductions and lower rates – something that could make a significant, impactful difference to your finances! You can learn more about this form of EMI Collection online through Tofler or Company360 websites that provide comprehensive reports about each company in question, including its finances as well as details about competitors of that firm.

Vidcom Business Solution Private Limited was formed on 20 September 2018. As a Non-Government company registered at the Registrar of Companies, Delhi, it has an authorized share capital of Rs. 100,000 while its paid-up capital stands at the same. Vidcom primarily conducts business activities that are not exclusively related to government.

Mohammad Tarik, its founder and CEO with over two decades of experience in the industry, spoke with Elets News Network regarding plans for his company and emphasized the significance of making banking services available in rural India.

Services provided by this company are intended to streamline transactions and allow customers to make payments more conveniently while offering other advantages, like offering cashback on purchases made using debit cards – an effective way to earn additional income while shopping at stores you love!

This Company holds a Corporate Identification Number of U74999DL2018PTC339236, and its registered office can be found at Basement 42, Relipay House Kirti Nagar Road Kirti Nagar Industrial Area New Delhi West Delhi, India. There are four directors/key management personnel who oversee its affairs: Sharad Kumar Ahuja, Mohit Kumar Gupta, Dharmendra Kumar Singh Abu Naser Mohammad Tarik.

Micro ATM

As part of its recent demonetization drive, people had to wait in long queues at banks and ATMs in order to exchange or withdraw their money, leading them to incur significant losses for the banking system. To address this situation, the government introduced Micro ATMs. These handheld devices allow anyone with a valid debit card access to basic transactions using this new technology that could ultimately pave the way for cashless economies.

Smart POS devices connect directly with bank servers over a secure mobile network or GPRS connection, using software designed to verify customer identity before displaying transaction options for selection by customers and collecting fingerprints for completion. Once transaction completion occurs, a receipt will be printed for them to keep.

These machines can be used for an array of financial transactions, from deposits and withdrawals to bill payments and cash transfers. Their technology is beneficial in rural and remote locations where there are no ATMs or bank branches nearby, making the small size of these machines simple for people without much technical knowledge to operate.

Business correspondents have an ideal opportunity to increase their income by offering these services, making a profit with every transaction processed, and adding another revenue source that helps expand their businesses while expanding services provided to customers and increasing reach.

Micro ATMs play an integral part in India’s shift toward a digital economy. By decreasing reliance on cash and offering convenient banking services, they help expand banking infrastructure in rural and remote areas as well as disburse government benefits and subsidies more efficiently.

vidcom Business Solutions is registered with India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs under registration number U74999DL2018PTC339236 and has its registered office located at Basement 42 Relipay House Kirti Nagar Industrial Area New Delhi, India. Vidcom Ltd owns 100% equity shares and maintains total control.


Vidcom business solutions offer several services designed to make collecting EMIs easier and more efficient, including mobile apps, ATMs, and payment gateways. Collecting payments remotely from customers who cannot visit your store directly and tracking customer histories over time – as well as personal messages sent directly to each one – allows you to increase recurring payments more effectively.

The primary mission of the company is to offer one-stop payment solutions for their customers. They believe these services can enhance the lives of millions of financial customers worldwide and are committed to building an extensive network of business associates and providers of technology and financial products.

They’re a team of passionate employees working hard to make prepaid payments easy for everyone. On a mission to revolutionize an industry, they seek talented employees. If you’re interested in joining this dynamic team, take a look at their open positions on the website.

Recharge has helped over 15,000 merchants launch and expand their subscription businesses from monthly boxes to recurring necessities. Their easy-to-use platform provides best-of-breed versions of features that matter most for their businesses.

Recharge’s founders set out with one goal in mind: making prepaid payments accessible and seamless now and in the future. Their proprietary platform streamlines subscription billing for online merchants of all sizes; Recharge is often chosen as the solution by leading brands looking to manage recurring transactions and build loyal subscriber bases.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway services provided by this company help people quickly access quality assistance. They include domestic money transfers and financial services like EMI collection. In addition, these services enable underbanked and unbanked people in India to gain access to bank accounts – these services also come in a range of formats, making them accessible and user-friendly.

Migrant workers and slum dwellers, in particular, will find these services highly beneficial. By offering an easy way for relatives in other cities to send and receive money safely, these companies also provide additional benefits like free airtime and bill pay, as well as excellent customer service representatives who are ready to answer any queries that arise.

VIDCOM BUSINESS SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED was formed on 20 September 2018. Its registered office can be found at Kirti Nagar Road, Relipay House New Delhi West Delhi 110015 IN, and it holds CIN U74999DL2018PTC339236 with active status.

Vidcom has expanded its portfolio beyond these core services by providing financial and retail solutions that enable people to make payments via a range of channels, such as online and mobile banking, in addition to offering various insurance policies.

Vidcom Business Solutions employees were most satisfied with the flexible work schedule offered at Vidcom while less confident with management’s approach to employee development and work-life balance. Employees also noted how much they enjoyed collaborating, as this ensured company goals were achieved while helping individual team members grow professionally and flourish together.

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