Wear an AOC See Through Shirt to Stand in Solidarity With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, more popularly known by her acronym AOC, has won hearts nationwide through her advocacy of progressive politics and social change. Please show your support by wearing this shirt as you show solidarity for our future!

On Saturday, The New York Post made headlines for publishing 12 separate stories about AOC. This unprecedented amount of coverage stands in stark contrast to its usual one or two articles per day on AOC.

Symbol of Empowerment

AOC has captured the nation’s imagination with her relentless fight for progressive policies and social justice. Through her motivational message and revolutionary ideas, AOC motivates individuals to come together and join her movement for change in society. Wearing the AOC see-through shirt is a powerful symbol of empowerment that shows your support for AOC’s vision and stands in solidarity with her vision.

While other politicians shy away from fashion statements for fear of alienating their audiences or being perceived as frivolous, AOC embraces her style with pride, sending an important message to young constituents that it’s okay and fun to express oneself through fashion; that style can even serve as a form of empowerment.

AOC has proven herself an influential force in Washington. Despite ongoing attacks against her, she remains undeterred, and her resilience can be seen when responding to critics – such as when one conservative newspaper attempted to shame her for wearing a sparkly purse.

Become a Catalyst for Political Engagement

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez stands as an embodiment of hyper leaders, an emerging political figure who uses digital platforms and skills to forge bonds with her followers that transcend more traditional forms of organizational politics. She uses Twitter to clap back at Republicans and amp up movement demands; provides Instagram “crash courses” on policy and parliamentary procedure while cooking dinner; streams herself playing video games while discussing Britain’s National Health Service — creating an ethos of loyalty that makes AOC an invaluable ally in politics as well as an agent for change in politics!

Due to AOC’s popularity, she has inspired a new generation of activists drawn to her vision of transformative politics, combining populism and pragmatism. This enthusiasm to mix protest and power can be seen among groups profiled in The AOC Effect: the rejuvenated Democratic Socialists of America, who supported and funded AOC’s campaign; Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats as electoral outfits who recruited her; as well as independent media outlets like Jacobin Magazine, The Young Turks, and The Intercept who covered her campaigns when no one else would.

These organizations demonstrate how political engagement is expanding from being a discrete act into an ongoing culture of civic participation. Student organizations reflect this trend; the recent surge in student organization membership indicates both high demand for these activities as well as political polarization issues; for instance, Turning Point USA, a right-wing organization, has more than doubled membership since November’s presidential election and plans to increase its presence nationwide by expanding to new campuses by 2022.

Although student organizations indicate a desire for increased civic participation, their effectiveness may be limited as many political and issue-based groups typically have limited budgets that limit activism efforts.

Higher education institutions must adopt an inclusive and strategic approach to civic engagement, including supporting student organizations that are both politically and socially inclusive, as well as creating curriculum experiences that allow them to analyze the world around them critically. Furthermore, institutions should aim to help develop student organizations dedicated to creating more equitable societies.

Support AOC’s Campaigns

AOC is more than a politician – she’s an entire movement driven forward by fans who follow every word and move she makes. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that no other member of Congress has more followers on Twitter than AOC – including Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and certainly Donald Trump!

As a first-term freshman from a district with less than 75,000 registered voters, she will wield substantial power – as well as all of its associated wealth – in 2022 and beyond. If her Democratic socialist brand of politics is going to succeed in 2022 and beyond, then this power – and all its attendant wealth – will be essential.

One way AOC can do that is by lending her influence and support to candidates who share her progressive ideals. Last month alone, she endorsed 13 Democratic challengers running to unseat incumbents across the country – from pro-choice liberals to climate activists. Her endorsement undoubtedly brought significant resources, both monetary and otherwise, into these races.

Demoralizing opposition may help defuse tension and force them to reconsider their strategy, but AOC should be wary of overplaying her hand if she shows signs of sweating during primary or general elections – showing any weakness could open the door for other challengers in 2022 and beyond.

As it seems, her team has this under control. The Mijente campaign that helped her win the Democratic nomination in 2018 has already initiated a fundraising drive for these other challengers and is seeking to raise $1.5 million to fund a nationwide field operation to unseat “reactionary Republicans” and oppose corporate agendas led by Republican Representatives.

It’s understandable why so many of us want to support AOC and her efforts for progressive change, but her popularity does not give anyone the right to abuse our democratic system or ignore working families in New York City. To show our appreciation for her and other progressive politicians, the best way is to vote and contribute money toward their campaigns in November.

Raise Awareness

AOC has become a national hero through her tireless advocacy of progressive policies and social justice, enthralling many with her message of unity and collective action, reminding individuals they possess the power to effect change and shape the future. The AOC See Through Own Your Power Shirt symbolizes this philosophy and encourages individuals to harness their ability to promote positive social change.

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