Which are the Causes Of Migraines?

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What are migraine headaches?

Those who never had severe headaches can’t understand the absolute self-applied endured by those who suffer coming from migraines attacks. And there are several repercussions to be added to the particular suffering!

Migraines are pathologies. They are extremely underestimated for any simple reason that the problems it brings cannot be found and that it is considered instructions most of the time – to be trivial while it can generate intense and unending suffering. Most people suffer from migraines on a regular basis.

Modern-day medicine does not understand the reason behind migraines!

Migraines remain a mystery for science and also medicine. Scientists are always ashamed when they are asked to explain the true causes.

Modern medicine struggles to explain the reason for these agonizing headaches, are they a full-blown illness? Mere symptoms between many others? Do migraines have a very psychological component or result in? Are they hereditary?

These concerns and many others can’t be answered from your scientific or medical point of view. When someone suffers from migraine headaches, pharmacists or physicians accelerate to counsel or assign analgesics (painkillers).

A fuzzy definition for an unknown ailment

The difficulty of understanding headaches can be found usually written with scientific dictionaries, which still find it hard to define what headaches are.

Migraines are generally looked at as forms of headaches (? ) (this definition is extraordinarily vague) that can manifest their selves through periodical attacks.

Actually, having a migraine is not only incredibly trying but migraines typically return – sometimes extremely regularly – in spite of the particular paracetamol-based medications or drugs using other chemical substances.

Migraine headaches are not just symptoms!

The most effective proof that migraines are generally not merely symptoms, or to put it differently, the result of any other disorder, especially lies in the fact that current remedies are incapable of overcoming the item!

In fact, if a migraine ended up an illness, those who suffer from it will receive rid of it by taking drugs.

Yet, as specified preceding, migraines usually manifest themselves through attacks, which means they will come back – usually routinely – and torment individuals suffering from them. Most often, they will come on suddenly, within a short while.

Ineffective medication

Many studies possess long shown that harmful chemicals such as paracetamol are extremely helpful to suppress pain.

So, in case paracetamol is used as a migraine relief when you have one and when the pain connected to migraines later on resurfaces, this means there are causes of the outbreak of your migraine headaches and that the chemical medication recommended has not treated the exact trigger!

Therefore, if the remedy based upon aspirin, paracetamol or something more important does not completely eliminate migraine symptoms but simply lowers the pain for a moment, it implies it is either ineffective or maybe that migraines are not health issues but the consequence of yet another disorder that has not also been neutralized by the chemical substances.

Inside the head of someone who is suffering from migraines!

This is where no one wants to be!

However, take a couple of minutes to imagine – unless you previously experienced painful migraines after or several times – in which…

All of a sudden, the veins in the temples begin pulsating a growing number quickly, bringing more and more distressing sensations to your head!
Ache quickly spreads to the overall brain, which makes you feel like a vice where shrinking your head a bit more as time passes by simply and as you wait and hold out before taking a remedy, whichever it may be.
In more serious situations, when migraines last longer, you may even have trouble focusing, break into tears because of the discomfort you feel and even be under the impression that you are the target of actual mental torture which turns your head upside down!

It might even sometimes get worse whenever you stop doing anything to relax or take care of the pain simply because, when you rest, you concentrate even more on the pain which ceaselessly hammers in your head and seems to grow in intensity!

This starts amplifying and you anticipate the moment when it finally disappears. Even after having taken medicines, you must sometimes wait for a time before the migraine pain relief you are hoping to manifest itself!

Additionally, as I already mentioned, it is not for the reason that the anti-migraine treatment prescribed has become effective once that it will stop you from suffering from other migraines covering the mid- or long-term. This kind of disorder is not yet a fact.

This is the paradox linked to headaches: a migraine is considered to be an ailment compared to other situations reputed to be much more really serious but the fact remains that this can have serious consequences.

In fact, in addition to the nearly unbearable ache that migraines can cause, they might also have dire repercussions.

Therefore, researchers recently claimed that successive migraines could cause mind damage over time and have a good influence on the psychological stability of those suffering from them!

These kinds of instances are of course the actual worst. Some people suffering from migraine headaches but not to that extent abovementioned may be affected by nausea, be violently ill or suffer from photosensitivity or even, in other words, find it hard to endure artificial light or even sunlight!

In some cases – such as headaches with aura – they might be preceded by altered ideas such as visual or even illusions!

Nobody is safe!

Additionally, if some kinds of migraines are generally hereditary – which several scientists claim is the circumstance – no one is safe. All people could one day experience this kind of terrible headache and even oftentimes on several occasions over the same day or after a lifetime!

In spite of the many experiments conducted for decades, there never have been many advances on the topic, even if the different decreases enabled scientists to better know the way migraines are triggered.

The new research refers to poor circulation of blood in the brain and other ancestral factors but this is able to enable them to find out more about the causes of migraines!

The most considerable studies have examined migraines by means of magnetic resonance imaging (RMI) with state-of-the-art devices.

Of course, they made it possible to check further into the process that will lie behind the sets off of migraines, their advancement and the consequences they have nevertheless they haven’t helped in finding their particular exact origin.

An obstacle to the transmission of information!

Permanent magnet resonance imaging has shown that folks suffering from migraines on a regular basis tend to be the victims of irrevocable damage as far as the brain’s white matter is concerned.

This can be a name given to the dense tissue that carries the knowledge between the two cerebral hemispheres in the brain where rational operations take place – this occurring in the grey topic. The white matter comprises long “cables” or axons that connect the neurons of the matter, also called dull matter, to each other.

Thus, research conducted by physicians in Copenhagen, Denmark, and publicized in the Neurology journal in 2013, showed that people affected by migraines displayed lesions inside white matter.

The dreadful consequences of this damage make slowing down or impossibility to help transmit the information between the various parts or hemispheres of the human brain!

Loss of brain volume and also intelligence

Still, according to the very same study, it seems that not only will be the transmission of information affected as a result of repetitive migraines but the human brain volume is also said to be changed by this ailment, leading to any decrease in intellectual capabilities.

Scientific studies carried out on migraines and the effects enabled scientists to focus on the unknown role played out by the white matter, which usually had long been disregarded!

Axons, these long “communication cables” connecting the different hemispheres (some can also be found in the spinal cord), are essential for the proper functioning of the two cerebral hemispheres, the proper and the left.

Also, must these axons be broken by lesions, this would stop the information from circulating unhampered or quickly. The person damaged would lose their rational faculties, their ability to motivate or quickly sort the knowledge.

This leads to a loss of autonomy, of the ability to learn, but to a lack of control of intellectual capabilities resulting in… a losing intelligence!

Migraines that hold their cards close to all their chest!

In many cases, you may endure migraines or risk being affected by them… without your figuring it out!

Therefore, pay careful attention to the “signs” below.

If you are seasoned or are experiencing the following indicators, it is highly likely this – without your knowledge and instructions, you suffer from migraines! You’ll probably have migraines in the approaching months, even weeks!

If the brain is aching, no matter what the soreness you feel is, and if this increases when there is noise with you or when you are in a brightly-lit environment – notably along with artificial light…
If you feel amplified pain on one side of the brain on a regular basis…
If you feel unpleasant sensations abruptly occurring within the brain and that last for hrs…
In these three cases, you might experience migraines without knowing this!

Indeed, these three primary signs are not always linked to migraines but the fact continues to be that they are warning signs that you may endure them.

Pay attention to these indicators and detect them if they occur.

Prevent and reduce the sources of migraines

Migraines are very bothersome and quite common disorders, ailments from which nobody is sheltered since modern science possesses trouble understanding and recovering them.

However, many studies show that some factors could possibly trigger, exacerbate or increase the pain and risks related to migraines!

So, in order to lessen and counter sudden causes or the persistence of regular strikes, it is advised to try to steer clear of extreme fatigue and prostration, keep away from stress and sleep at night enough so you feel relaxed.

Likewise, food plays a substantial role in preventing as well as reducing the risks of going through severe migraine headaches.

Therefore, it really is advised to avoid eating or even drinking too much. Drinks, as well as foods containing a lot of sugars, are top of the ranking, for example, chocolate, cakes, wines as well as strong alcoholic drinks, that you should avoid.

Here is an additional piece of advice: generally speaking, to avoid migraine headaches, it is preferable to have a well-balanced and varied diet.

But even though these precautions are essential and although it is better to follow along with them to the letter, their own influence on the triggers associated with migraines may vary depending on the persona, health and physical condition of each specific.

In reality, even following all these pieces of advice has never made sure anyone migraine headaches would not happen suddenly. Neither do they shield anyone from the regular go back of migraines!

As a result, to stop or get rid of this problem, it is advised to predict the onset of a migraine rather than be forced to treat it mainly because it can strike anyone at any time!

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